About Astrocalc - A brief history

Astrocalc Software - Astrology for Everyone

Astrocalc has a long history and was established in 1982 by Colin Miles and Terry Dwyer, today it's run by Joakim Schramm, all experienced astrologers and computer programmers.


It started off in 1982 with the Video-Genie, a Tandy TRS80 clone and the Commodore PET and, over the years, Astrocalc has provided astrological computer programs for as many as 30 home computers. These range from the humble ZX81, the ZX Spectrum, Dragon, Tandy, Apple II, PET's, Vic 20, C64, Sharp, Texas TI99, Oric, MSX, BBC, all the Amstrad range, etc., to the modern, Atari ST's, Amigas and IBM's. Nowadays, like most astrological software houses, we concentrate on the Windows platform.


We have always catered for astrologers of all abilities, from the complete beginner to the experienced professional, and have a wide range of other programs on such subjects as Numerology, Handwriting Analysis, I Ching, Biorhythms, Tarot, Horary, Hindu Astrology, etc. In future we hope to continue with this development and the latest version 6.2 points the way towards some of these developments.


Our programs have been translated into many languages and we currently have virtually all of our programs in German and the complete range of calculations programs (for version 5.6) in Spanish, Norwegian, French, Italian and Dutch. If anyone is interested in translating into any other language then please let us know.

Colin Miles, a Chemical Engineering graduate, has been programming since 1961 on a vast number of machines, in commerce, industry and science and, particularly since 1980 on an even wider variety of 'home' computers. His interest in astrology and astronomy plus his programming background enabled him to bring these altogether in the development of the Astrocalc programs.


Terry Dwyer, once retired as a Music Teacher and Lecturer to devote himself to astrology, though he has now since returned to his music and isn't involved with astrology or computing any more. As a Mayo School teacher and developer of the world famous astrological synthesis program Starword, Terry used his talents to develop most of the tutorial and interpretation programs of Astrocalc..


Joakim Schramm, an astrologer from Sweden, got involved in Astrocalc in the early nineties whilst searching for tools to use in his practice and his newly found passion - computers! However, at the time Astrocalc had a problem supporting special Swedish characters, so he soon concluded there was only one way to fulfill his ambitions - to take up the art of programming! With native Uranus on Mc this almost looked as fate and soon he became an agent for Astrocalc in Sweden and created a Swedish version of the program. When it was time for Colin to retire, he was the natural choice to carry on running and developing Astrocalc further


Today, more than 10 year later he's the main developer and driving force behind the further development and renewal of the Astrocalc range of programs. He's the engineer behind the version 6 range of programs. Because of this he has now left the scene as a consulting astrologer to fully devote himself to astrological programming.


Along the road (literally in fact) he found his better half Kamila, who happens to be from the Czech Republic. So that's how Astrocalc as well as Joakim came to end up in this "new born" country. Today with the Czech Republic entering the EU, they are the New Astrocalc located in the heart of Europe, with Prague considered by many to be Europe's spiritual centre. This is indeed an inspiring time and place for Astrocalc to go forth into the future and to support the astrological community with the tools they need.

Over the course of the years many people apart from Terry, Colin and Joakim have contributed to the development of Astrocalc programs and parts of programs. In particular we have John Dice to thank for the outer planet algorithms, Chester Kemp for all his technical help, Bob Mitchell for the AstroGeography and Graphic Progressions and Transits adaptations, Ian Sandeman for his original help with the DOS symbols, Brian Soul for the Hindu programs, Mike Harding for the Midpoint Trees and Research programs and David Webb for the Numerology.


As for the ideas and suggestions there are really too many contributors to name, but Klaus Bonert has always been a key contributor and supporter, and latterly Dr. Claude Marchant and Juan Trigo have and are playing important parts in the development of the Windows programs. Help from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, the Mayo and Huber Schools has also been vitally important to us and much appreciated.


Finaly we also like to include all our usersin this document. It's often the end user who comes across hard to find bugs and make us aware of it.

To all of you, from all of us at Astrocalc - Thank you and Happy Astrology!

Joakim Schramm
Owner & Developer