Is the Arabspring - a historic Saturn Return?

Based on #Astrology, I'm exploring an intuition/idea that the the #Arabspring was seeded by the #Hama #Uprising and #Massacre in 1982, and if I can find valid indications my intention is to write an article about it. This is merely a post of intent to set some foundation.

To deem my assumption as valid, I expect to find strong connections between the 1982 event and the Syria Assad Coup chart of 1970, and furthermore to the National charts of Tunisia and Egypt as well as the resent events of uprising there or at least to the later events.

If my idea/intuition (who knows what is what, really?) is correct I expect the #Arabspring come to some kind of peak during the 1982 events Saturn return which reach it's first trigger on the evening of 30 Oct 2011 - which doesn't mean in any way that energy hasn't start moving yet to influence things - but do anyone really know what we are up against here? So far we only see #Ali, #Mubarak, #Saleh #Gaddafy, #Assad etc. but what do we know about what's beyond that, what if it's just the top of the Iceberg? Or Volcanoes may be a better metaphor... I said several moths ago when Mubarak fell "this is far from over..." In any case I find it utterly interesting and it wouldn't be the first time the future of this planet is shaped by #Arabs at the #frontline.

Ha you think this is just about the #Arabworld? I don't think so, and it's definitely NOT about the Oil, that's just too easy and too late. Instead ask yourself wtf #ReasonsToBeatYourGirlfriend resently was trending on twitter and now been replaced by #somethingchristmassy, no ops now it's something else, that's #Power and nothing like #Ramadanmassacre - yee fishy but we'll see... In the end I believe there is a purpose with everything for #Humanity

Update [30/9/2011]: Due to work with latest release of Astrocalc and private issues I haven't had much time left for this event, but hope to return looking at it again soon as possible as I do find it interesting.

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