Astrocalc Released

A new version of Astrocalc 6.2 has been released and is available as a free download to all currently registered Astrocalc 6.2 users. To download, simply log in to your account. While this release has many small adjustments that improve usability, it also has a major improvement in how the program deals with interpretation text files. Apart from this some minor improvements were done to the Midpoints module and a bug, although minor, dating more than 10 maybe 15 years back was found and fixed!

The releases have been quite frequent lately and it may rise concerns, but I like to stress that all software has bugs and where many tend to accumulate there fixes and release more seldom our policy is that if something is found and reported, we try to fix it and release as soon as possible, not only to the reporters avail but to all users.  Usually there is no need to go for every released update, especially if your program is functioning to your satisfaction - but of course with few exceptions the latest release is always a little bit better than the previous one.

/Joakim Schramm

Astrocalc Software

2 thoughts on “Astrocalc Released”

  • Osvaldo Rao

    What do I do to download the new release

  • Joakim Schramm

    Hi Osvaldo! Just do as said above, log in to your account and you should find the download right in front of your eyes. Click the 'Setup' button to download and then run the file to install. As you (probably) already have Astrocalc installed and working you don't need to download and install the License file.