Astrocalc Released

This is mainly a maintenance release fixing some small issues reported and also comes with an updated atlas module covering the latest changes done by governments regarding their DST schedules. At the same time compatibility releases of Astrogeography, Starword and Transits Forecaster have been done. As usual it's a free download for all current 6.2 users but if your current installation of 6.2 runs fine there is no urgent reason to update at this time, unless you simply want the latest.

However, this release marks an important step in more than one way because it will also be the first Astrocalc release that also has a trial version so anyone can test the program before making the decision to buy it or not. The triil version download will be announced separately though. Furthermore does this release include an almost 100% Unicode 3.0 compatibility implementation. This is however more for the future as we prepare and pave the way for translations of the program into other than Germanic languages. The first of these will probably a Czech version of Astrocalc.

Otherwise you don't see much of it now in the program itself, except for when you browse the Atlas and look at places from one of the countries using non Germanic characters. Instead, the big change is when you use the program and e.g. you need to make a chart for a person whose name contains any of those fancy characters, provided that your keyboard has support for it of course.

What's been fixed/added in this release can in more detail be seen in the change log and while the list is longer than for most releases, it's mostly small things and a result of that the program constantly is worked on. As said above, if you are happy with your Astrocalc in your ordinary usage and nothing specific in the list concerns you, this is not one of the 'important' updates in that sense. But if you like to follow Astrocalc on the edge, please go ahead, download, install and enjoy.

Important! If you also have any of Astrogeography, Starword or Transits Forecaster, you need to update these as well for the Atlas manager to display correctly. This is because of the Unicode implementation and hence compatibility releases of these programs have been done. Otherwise there are no changes.

Important (2)! When you install an update, never do an uninstall first, if that's needed the setup program will take care of it.