Astrocalc Released

It's that time again to become courageous and make a new release of Astrocalc! For a Cancer it's like making Dinner for guests and it's hard to stop thinking, well worry, if all ingredients are in, and properly spiced, as you want everyone to feel at home by the table and really enjoy the dish. So let's hope I cooked up something good this time! ;-).

The major change in this release was originally planned for version 6.3 but as I felt it’s too good to hold back any longer and too small to warrant a new version release on its own, I decided to take the most visual part of it and apply it on the 6.2 version. The rest will come in the next version, which will probably be called 6.3 but may as well be 6.5 - I don't know yet and it's not imminent.

The big change this time is how to Name, Search & Select a chart and with this change I have gone back a little bit like it was in Version 5, but with much more finesse and control. What I liked there was that you could search for a chart from the same field as the chart name was displayed in, but I disliked the fact that you had very little control over it. As when you wanted to start a new chart it always started a search to see if a chart with the given name there already existed etc. Still you had to go somewhere else to explicitly select a chart.

While the change in 6.0, and with some refinement in 6.2, didn’t really change that it gave more control but I wasn’t really satisfied as I wanted to have it all in one place. But the tools available to me at the time didn’t allow for it, not until now!  All in one place, 3 in 1 functionality that displays the current charts name and at the same time allows you to search for charts without interrupting the display function. On top of that you can also drop the list and pick a chart from the currently active group.

That list by the way doesn’t just serve charts from the active group any longer. When you make a search and it returns more than 1 chart they temporary take over the list and is presented to you in great detail so you will have no problem to distinguish them, even if same name. You also have control over how temporary that will be and you can work with these charts until you do one of several actions that reset the search and restore the active group list.

There are few more small adjustments to the Data Entry for that I won’t get in to here, but it’s documented in both the What’s New and Quick Start Guide documents, and the program help system of course. Below you can have a quick view though, before:

Astrocalc Data Entry

And how it looks now:

Astrocalc Data Entry

As you may notice a few things have moved around a bit and among other things I believe I finally found the right place for the Huber option switch. For a brief summary of all changes read the change log, it doesn’t make justice though to how much work has gone in to this release.

As a current user of 6.2 you can now download this update for free from your customer area, and if you rather prefer to have it on CD I will try to have a simple way to order it up at the same place soon. Of course, as usual there is nothing to force you to update but as hinted initially as a Cancer I don’t only enjoy the cooking, but I also want it to, try to make it, taste great and want others to enjoy it too!

As for Trial version, there will be a new one soon Update: there is now one based on this release and as I consider this to be a significant improvement it will also reset the trial counter so even if your current trial has expired this one will give you 30 days anew.

So enjoy,

Joakim Schramm