Astrocalc Released

This is basically a re-release of which introduced a bug that shouldn't have been there. As it has a rather wide impact on various parts of the program we have decided to send a new CD to the few that were unlucky and got a CD delivery during the short time before it became known.

We are sorry for this incident and also have to recommend anyone that downloaded and installed to repeat and do the same with instead. But as said, anyone that ordered and got a CD delivered with will have a replacement CD sent out automatically, containing

A new 30 days trial version to download based on has also been put online. It now allows for manual changing between Editions instead of selecting Edition at random to start up in. It’s now also possible to explicitly test the Huber Edition.

With this issue out of the way I don’t hesitate to say that I feel very satisfied with this release and everything said in previous blog post still stands. Of course, there is always room for improvements and this is certainly not the last release of Astrocalc, but first comes the time to enjoy the fruit of good work, and the approaching spring, of course.


Joakim Schramm - Astrocalc