Astrocalc Re-Released

We had been a bit too generous and by mistake made Graphic Transits available in all editions, so this re-release correct that mistake. While we like to be generous we also need to programs to stay in business and we try to balance that somehow by being absolutely affordable, even with our feature loaded packages. But as we were on to it we have also added the options to switch On/Off Date and Degree lines as well as dots allowing for a clean graph. Indeed, this was a user request we got and it was relatively easy to implement so there it is. At the same time we also added a keyboard short-cut for the Wheel|Display|Print button (it no changes caption giving more of a clue that will happen when you click it) so now you don't even have to click it - just press the F5 key.

And yes, this has also been updated for the Trial version.

At your service,

Joakim Schramm - Astrocalc Software