Astrocalc has been released (together with a new Trial version), now with Windows 8 compatibility. This release corrects a problem introduced in the previously one ( . That release saw a major rewrite of the print routines to correct a problem with some printers causing the printout being split in 2 pages or unnecessary paper use due to list only printed in 1 column.

These problems occurred due to non standard use of the printer object, which was addressed. However, as a consequence it broke the routine in Astrocalc that allowed to do a scaled printout in other paper formats as A5 etc. but on a larger paper. This release reimplement the same functionality, but with one difference due to technical implications. The margins and the optional outer frame box is always printed in accordance with the physical paper size.

This is an old routine that had its merits in a previous "computer age" as today basically all printer drivers has a built in scaling or print zoom functionality and it also render a better result. For this reason will the print scaling feature be removed in next version of Astrocalc which also will allow for a smoother access printer driver property dialogue.

But this release also comes with an other improvement, that have been ported back from the development branch of next version. It's a new algorithm for spacing, separation. stacking and alignment of planets in the wheel. The old version did a fairly good job but was far from perfect and especially was there certain things it didn't see, like house cusps.

The new algorithm can take into account both other planets and house cusps, and it "sees" both forward and backwards, and even more, it also sees the beginning at the "end" of the circle. However, it should be said that it's still "under development" and originally aimed for next version of Astrocalc, so there may be combinations were it still fail. However, it's already so much better than the older one and we though it to be a nice Christmas present to include it as a foretaste of what to come.

Built in with this functionality is also the ability to dynamically size symbols of planets and the zodiac sign with a combination of keyboard keys and a mouse click. To increase the size of the Zodiac just hold down Ctrl and right click on the wheel, to decrease size, hold down Ctrl+Shift and right click. The same can be done with planets, just use the Alt key there instead of Ctrl.

Finally, as we feel a bit sorry for those who ordered on CD not long ago, we have decided to send all of you a new replacement CD with this release on it. As usually is this release available for free as a download to all current users of 6.2, after login to the customer area. Were you also can order a CD in case you aren't comfortable with the download or simply like to have a backup.

Joakim Schramm - Astrocalc Software


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