Astrocalc Released!

Astrocalc has been released (together with a new Trial version), to address a user request as well as correct some small issues that had no impact on functionality. It also has a new algorithm to deal with interpretation text files removing removing a rare problem that under certain conditions could cause edited text to not show up in the program configuration after an update, hence appear as if they were lost.

The requested functionality we add, and which will be the absolutely last new feature added to 6.2, is the ability to resume (return to) a Now chart after having gone back to  an ordinary saved chart. To do this, press and hold down the Ctrl key while with the Mouse click on the Now button. This will reload the Now chart where you previously left it but only if in the same session. Restarting the program resets all Now data which is temporary in nature. For more details please see the Astrocalc changelog page.

This release, together with Astrogeography released at the same time, also comes with an updated Atlas including the very latest time zone changes world wide. This is something you probably won't see or hear much about in other programs, but the world of today is constantly changing and this particularly concerns the time zone data. You can rest assure though that the Astrocalc Atlas always comes updated with the latest data.

We also corrected a small issue related to adding new places to the Atlas, which false triggered an error message (although the was no error) and at the same time made it clearer when adding a place that you have to set a time zone. You set a time zone by simply location a place near by, or one that you know have the same zone time, and click on that place in the list. Why is it done this way and not letting my add a time value instead? A time zone definition needs to cover the span of all time, in the past as well as in the future and to present that to you as a way of choosing would probably leave you at lost. This way you don't even need to know what time zone you new place is in, just one that you know already is there. In 99% of cases that the one nearest by.

And in case you missed it, all our Astrology Software are Windows 8 compatible, of course.

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