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If you are one of those who appreciate the Now chart feature in Astrocalc, this release will make you appreciate it even more. Now charts are great when you want to catch the moment of an unfolding event, like when a client or friend calls asking for your assistance.  You just have to click that Now button and provided your Pc clock is correct you have the data for what actually is a horary chart. Well there are many situations where a Now chart can be useful, or its sibling the Clock chart.

Up to now they have been more or less automatic in the sense that as soon as you clicked Now (or Clock) a timer started as the wheel loaded and immediately recalculated the chart according to a set display interval adding or subtracting a set calculation interval in seconds. You then could Hold the calculations on the wheel screen until you wanted to continue, as well as Alter the intervals or Stop the process, which meant you lost the means to manipulate it further. It still stayed there in memory though so it could be used in Multi-wheels etc. Now you have a whole lot more control of the process.

In the Moving Wheels frame (where you find the Now and Clock features) on the Data Entry screen, you now have the options to set 3 different states the Now (and Clock) chart will start in.  The first, Automatic, is equal to how it was earlier, it triggers a timer to automatically recalculate and display the wheel according to the intervals set in the frame. It will also make a small control panel with buttons visible on the wheel screen and you can then Hold/Continue the calculations or Alter intervals as earlier.

The second option, Hold, displays the wheel in the same way together with the control panel but without starting the timer for automatic recalculations. This is equivalent to if you start in Automatic mode and immediately click the Hold button in the wheel (which changes to Continue) before any recalculation have been done. In this state, and it also applies if you started out in Automatic, 2 arrow buttons are enabled in the panel which allow you to manually step back and forth in time using the set calculation interval. For each click the wheel display is updated with the new calculation. If you choose to Continue (which starts the automatic timer) these buttons becomes disabled again.

Control buttons in a Now wheel

The last option, Stop, loads the wheel without starting the timer, but also it doesn’t show the control buttons that let you control the wheel calculations. This is equivalent to clicking the Stop button on the wheel when any of the other two options are used. It’s simply a quick way if you just want to get the wheel for the moment and know you won’t need to process it any further. It is still treated as a Now chart though, which means it’s kept in its special memory slot where it can be used in Multi-wheels etc. and as such it  isn’t pushed out of the list no matter how many saved charts you load. The Stop option disabled the Clock function as it doesn’t make sense to start a Clock chart in a stopped state.

Although not new in this release, it’s worth mentioning here the option “Display wheel instantly”, if this option isn’t selected the date and time data, optionally together with Place and sub data, are merely loaded into the Natal Chart Details fields and you have to click the Wheel button to display it.

But the Now chart improvements in this release doesn’t stop there. Previously, if you left the Now wheel by loading a saved chart or started a new, although the data was still kept in memory and the Now chart could be used in Multi-wheels, there was no way to get back in and once again display the same Now wheel. If you clicked Now it instead replaced your old Now with a new Now, which probably isn’t what you always want. That hasn’t change. However, you now have 2 new buttons which get enabled when applicable, Restore and Resume. The first restores the data that was generated last time Now was clicked, and if that chart have been recalculated further forward or backwards in time the latter let you resume the chart at exactly that point.

The Moving Wheels control frame in AStrocalc 6.2

This means it’s now possible to stop working with a Now chart, load one or more saved charts or create a new one and later return to the same Now chart again, either at its original point in time or where you left it. Furthermore, this can also be done directly from the Wheel screen where you now can restore or resume you Now chart in the Chart list menu, but even more, you will also find the option to start a fresh one from there.

Of course, when done with a Now chart you can also save it (as a new chart) and give it a specific name. To do that you have to return to the Data Entry screen though, and click the Save button and it will query you for a name.

This release also brings a few other small improvements like a better user interface experience when loading a chart interpretation from the wheel screen. The framed text will now stay sticky on the screen until you chose to close it manually or load a new chart. It no longer closes as before when browsing through the menu system. However, note that doing a multi-wheel is equivalent with loading a new chart.

This release should also be much better in dealing with so called Large Fonts and with few exceptions there should no longer be any need to change the screen scaling to compensate for this. In fact, that is what the program now does automatically identifying your large fonts setting. If you already have changed the screen scaling manually this change will not affect you but for any circumstance there is now a menu option to reset the scaling to the default value. The F9 key also works as a short cut to that menu option, and F8 allow you to change it - in case you for any reason can’t get to the menu.

For other changes to this and earlier releases you can read the changelog, which has become something of a historic document since the first release of Astrocalc 6.2 back in 2009.

As always is the latest release available as a free download for all licensed users of Astrocalc 6.2, you only need to login. A new trial version based on is also available for download if you still haven’t taken the step.

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  • Joan Hartigan
    Joan Hartigan 19th March 2013 at 17:34

    Hi Joakim

    Many thanks for all you hard work I am enjoying astrocalc and look forward to the new release.


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