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This a maintenance release to address some issues that was reported and fixed but also comes with an update to of the Atlas DST data. We do recommend current users to update their old installation of 6.2 as one of the fixes corrects a problem that sometimes yielded an unexpected result when displaying the chart wheel. The chart would be correct but it may not be the chart you had expected to see. This only happened under certain circumstances though which made it a hard bug to find.

I think it must been for 4-5 releases now that I have said no more new features or improvements, only bug fixes, in this version (6.2) just to yield for a user request and now it has happened again. But this has to be the last time as now I'm very eager to focus my attention 100% on the next version and I also plan to take the Sunny days off this summer. Below is the part of the change log that concerns this release, and the full document can be found here.

As usual, if you have a license for Astrocalc 6.2 the latest release can be downloaded from your account after login, others are welcome to download and try out our 30 days free trial version. - 7 May 2013
+ Now charts can now be used immediately in none natal routines and also updates the Natal Quick View - unless the data is incomplete which generates a warning.
+ Name and address can now optionally be printed in the footer or header of charts and lists, as well as aligned Left, Center or Right. Removed the 'Printed by:' prefix to make better use of the limited space.
+ It's now possible to change font name and size used for Name and Address.
* A Now chart wasn't available in the Multi-Wheel select list to pick as the inner chart.
* When clicking [Back to Natal] while in Now mode restored last Natal from list and exited Now.
* If there was only 1 chart in the list of resent charts, the Multi-Wheels menu wasn't enabled even if a sub chart (Progressions etc.) had been calculated.
* When clearing the list of recent charts left the current chart in list, it now really empties and changes to be in New Chart mode instead.
* Corrected a situation that in some case loaded the wrong chart from the charts list also causing sub charts (e.g. Solar Return) not to show up in the Multi-Wheel select list.
* Updated zone time and DST data for Paraguay, Haiti, Palestine (Gaza Strip and West Bank), Jordan and Morocco to align with latest official announcements.

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