Astrocalc Released

I have to admit to after rewriting the wheel improving planet separation and greater flexibility in font sizes etc. I left the function to variably resizing the aspects circle somewhat broken. Thus this release arrives so soon upon the previous one not just to fix that but to take the concept of resizing much further. With this release of Astrocalc 6.2 you can now variably adjust not one but 4 different circles, the outer one, the zodiac and the house circles and as before the innermost known as the aspects circle.

I believe 6.2 now is pretty much complete and if no other bug is found I hope that next release will be a development and preview release of Astrocalc 7, which I plan to make available to all current licensed users of Astrocalc 6.2, just as you now can download this latest release from your customer account.

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