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This is a back port of work on the upcoming Astrocalc version 7. In reviewing the old code I found that the aspects grid that optionally can be included with the printed wheel had some limitations that really don’t need to be there, together with an inconsistency that also is unwarranted. These are issues originating before my time and not in line with how I think good software should be. So despite the no new features/improvements freeze status applied to version 6.2 I decided to include this together with a few small adjustments. From an astrological point of view, you can look at this as a positive application of retrograde Mercury. I know some superstitious astrology folks are of the opinion that it’s unfavourable to release software while Mercury is retrograde, but with natal Uranus on Mc I have to object strongly to that! Instead, it all comes down to what you are releasing and the reason for it.

The details of the change are noted in the change log, but I would just like to show here in graphics what the mentioned “rearrangement” looks like. If there is enough space in the right bottom corner the listing of planet data looks like this

Printed wheel bottom box standard Printed wheel bottom box standard

But if more space is needed due to many planets involved in aspects, it automatically changes to look like this

Printed wheel bottom box rearranged Printed wheel bottom box rearranged

It’s not much for a release maybe, but it’s a nice extra touch to hail the summer with and makes Astrocalc 6.2 stand on firmer legs. And as usual this is a free update for current Astrocalc 6.2 owner, available to download from your customer account or it can be ordered on CD for a nominal amount.

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