Astrocalc Astrology Software Released

So, it’s that time of the year again and I have to admit it’s not my favourite but I also can see it has some positives coming with it, like days starting to be longer and consequently nights shorter. The Winter solstice, symbolized in the chart wheel by IC in this sense carries a message of hope, and this time it also comes with a new release of Astrology Software Astrocalc 6.3!

Quite a few small improvements were actually done for this release and I will simply dump the changelog here with some further dressing, like a Christmas gift under the dressed tree:

+ The Aspect grid on the printed wheel can now also include the sensitive points Vertex, Part Fortune, East Point and Co-Descendant. Note that the settings for these as default have a reduced orb, which may result in them not showing up even if selected. In such case you have to adjust the orb settings.

+ The Aspects shown inside the printed wheel and in the aspects grid can now be different. This allows for the wheel to appear less cluttered with lines while still all aspects can be included on the printout

* Fixed an issue with house systems occurring only for a new chart if it was the very first thing done after starting the program.

* Fix for the situation where when using percentage orb and 2 involved planets/points has a total orb reduction of -1.00 (like -0.5 and 0.5 or -.25 and -0.75) or more (-0.50 and -0.75) which results in either a negative orb or 0 resulting in a division with zero error. In Astrocalc you can reduce the orb by a percentage for individual planets/point and several of the minor ones have this reduction by default.

* Fixed an outstanding issue with scaling of the printed wheel e.g. as A5, where all parts didn't scale properly. A rewrite of the logic in the print code to allow for greater flexibility caused a problem with scaled printout which where dependent on static parameters in the old logic. This has now been fixed so it’s possible to print e.g. A5 charts in high quality.

* Sorted out an issue with the Moon Nodes where the correct icon and value wasn't always used with the South Node, when it was called for as well.

+ As a positive side effects it's now possible to easily switch back and forth between Mean and True node without first deselecting the other. This was an old structural limitation which now has been rewritten so when one node is selected (e.g. True) the other one (Mean in this case) is deselected at all instances.

+ Another positive side effect is that switching between as well as to and from any of the Draconic zodiacs can now be done instantly. On the same structural ground as above, you had to switch node first before you could switch to the Draconic Zodiac of that node type. Now the node switched automatically.

+ Likewise, when changing to any of the Draconic zodiacs and the other type of node is active causing it to switch automatically (like if the node currently is Mean and True Draconic Zodiac is chosen so it switches to True node), the node type will remain if e.g. then selecting Tropical zodiac.

This new release is as usual available as a free download for Astrocalc 6.3 registered users with a license. Others can download and try this release as a free 30 days trial version.