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I’m pleased to announce that today we have made a new release of Astrocalc 6.3 with several new features and improvements. Although our main focus is on the next version, Astrocalc 7.0, we like to continue bringing you good value for your investment in our astrology software by not leaning back and feeling complacent with what we already have accomplished with the current version.

To begin with, in this release we have added the increasingly popular Whole Sign houses system. However, as we feel this system requires some level of knowledge to be used properly, we have restricted its availability to the Advanced and Professional Editions only. Some say this is the true and only house system to use, likely because it probably is the oldest and original one in use by ancient astrologers. We leave that up to you to judge, though.


We also bring you a new Backup & Restore function to help you keep your user data safe, as well as making it easy to copy/move from one Astrocalc computer to another. We all arrive at that dreadful moment in time, sooner or later, when we not just feel happy about a new and speedy computer but also suddenly realize the mammoth task to bring all our programs with its data files over. With few exception, you always have to reinstall all your programs to a new computer as copying them just won’t work. To the contrary, however, your user data always have to be copied and with Astrocalc as your astrology software that’s now a breeze.


Indeed, Astrocalc once had this function already, but it had to be removed for technical reasons when we adapted to the new Windows platform. Backing up and restoring files from the same program that uses them is not without technical considerations, but we feel it’s great to have this function back again and hope you will feel the same. For a detailed description for its usage, please see the What’s New page.

The major change in this release, however, is the implementation of a completely new colour system, which comes with our own developed colour selection tool, making it easy and intuitive to give colour to various astrological parts of the program. The old system could only handle 16 colours for the screen and 16 colours for printing simultaneously. We have scrapped that and now there are no less than 65000+ colours at your disposal.

The colour selection tool can access several palettes from a built-in menu. By default it loads a palette of 48 colours only, but it’s easy to switch to any of the other palettes from the menu or open the custom colours part where you can compose your own from the full 65000+ colours palette.

The main part, though, are the screen and printer profiles, which make up your selection of colours for signs, aspects, planets, text, circles, lines and backgrounds. Here are a few changes compared to earlier releases. Previous releases just had one profile for screen and one for printing, this has now changed so there are 4 profiles for screen colours and 2 for print colours.

To make further development of the colour system less complicated in terms of future updates and upgrades, we have set some hard limits. There is no way to create new profiles and all profile names are static. But beyond that, all colours in all profiles can be changes. We have also given the profiles descriptive names for a supposed objective reflecting the colour combinations. Furtermore, while you can change them to whatever you like, they can also be reset to their original stance with a mouse click. So you cannot get lost experimenting!

All planets and sensitive points can now also be given their unique colour, but just as before, they still take colour from their sign placement by default. The same applies by default to Asc and Mc as well, but these can now also be given individual unique colours.

The really fun part, though, is that you can now assign dedicated background colours to 4 different areas of the Chart wheel. Well, 5 actually if we also count the screen background and paper colour. Yes, that’s correct. You can now also set the paper colour for printing. However, this colour is never used per se for the actual printout. But it’s a great feature if you like to use coloured papers, as you can simulate it in the settings to see how all other colours compose together and contrast to that background. To help you with that, labels background and foreground colours are changing to reveal how they contrast as you work with the Colours settings screen.

Colourized printout

The screen profile switcher is readily available directly on the Data Entry screen and changes you do there are permanent. To permanently switch the printing profile you have to open the Colours settings screen, where you also can switch the screen profile in use. Both profile types can be switched on a temporary basis, though, from several other places in the program.

This change also has a secondary impact on printing. There are no longer one menu item for colour printing and one for black & white, instead the program now prints according to what printer profile you have selected and the menu item also shows this automatically.


Well that’s basically what to say about that and this release in general. There are also a few other small changes, like the Data Entry screen no longer scales in size depending on your monitor and screen resolution. It was nice once in a time when there were just a few monitor sizes, and not so big ones, but to have the DE screen blow up full on a 24 inch monitor doesn’t appear to be that meaningful. Thus, we have removed it, and for a few other screens as well, and we will remove the scaling for more screens where it seems fit. The screen wheel can never be too big though.

In making this change we have instead been able to increase the real screen area and rearrange it slightly. In a gesture to please our American users, we have put the setting for the so called Flat wheel right beneath the Wheel button. Personally I find that type of wheel totally unintuitive but it doesn’t mean it cannot be the absolutely opposite for someone else.

So now, if you already are an Astrocalc 6.3 user there is no reason to not go to your account and download this release right away, or from the same place order the Refresh CD for £5 only. Others are invited to take the new release for a 30 days free trial.

Enjoy this release, with best wishes and blessings
Joakim Schramm - Astrocalc Software

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