Astrocalc Astrology Software Released

This is mainly a maintenance and stability release that apart from internal non-visible improvements fixes a few small bug. Of them one that appears to has been lurking around for 20+ years! How can that be? You may ask... Well, once a feature is implemented and passed our tests we may not revisit the code again for a long time, or not at all (program has over 100 000 lines of code) - unless another change/improvement leads there or a user flags a problem.

In this case the feature was implemented long ago, before I was involved in Astrocalc, and seems to have been at fault from the every beginning. The code in question concerns an alternative way of calculate if the Moon is 'Void of Course' and is a feature that probably not many have visited. Of those who have, none so far seems to have known it good enough to see that something was wrong. Not strange at all, as most probably do not know what 'Moon Void of Course' in itself is about, calculated the traditionally way.

The other 2 bugs that was fixed in this release had to do with a problem to switch to the Black & White printing profile and were the function to edit aspect orb values didn't behave as expected. Generally, it is recommended to update your current old Astrocalc 6.3 installation to this release, especially if you experience any of the above problems. However, if you are pleased with things as they are, there are no obvious need to do so. In any case, updates are free as usual by download or for covering of administrative costs if wanted on a CD.

We have also updated the trial version to reflect this release.


Joakim Schramm - Astrocalc Software

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