Astrocalc released

A bug has been found that is of such character we feel it justifies an immediate new release, even though Astrocalc was released less than a week ago. Under a certain condition, when loading a chart in to the chart list (new or saved), this bug makes some chart factors like Qualities and Elements display with incorrect values – not for the loaded chart but for the others. It doesn’t directly affect stored chart data or the calculations of charts as such, and on restart of the program all is fine.  But of course, one shouldn’t have to restart the program for it to work properly. So this release will fix the problem at once.

During the development of any software it’s more or less impossible to avoid the appearance of bugs, even with rigorous testing – one reason is that most computers varies in a lot of ways. Furthermore, a program like Astrocalc is rather complex in its make up and sometimes a change may have an unfortunate impact on something that once worked properly (and this can be hard to spot). But programmers are also human and, sometimes, we make mistakes! The above bug isn’t absolutely obvious but we feel it’s an error on our part and that it should have been spotted before release. Because of this, we have decided that any Astrocalc CD that may have been delivered containing this bug will be replaced without any need for action from the customer. The bug appears to have been introduced in Astrocalc, so we will simply send out a new replacement CD for all deliveries starting from there.

The release is as usual available as a free download for Astrocalc 6.3 users with a license. Others can download and try this release as a free 30 days trial version and the trial counter has also been reset to make it work for everybody for a fresh 30 days period.