Astrocalc make development release available

Starting today, Astrocalc will make a development release of its software available to users. For users with a license this means there will be 2 different releases to choose from, the stable official release and the development release. For trial versions we will only make the development release available as the current state of development ought to be of highest interest to most potential new users.

Our development releases are not so called "nightly builds" and we always strive for the uploaded file to be as stable as possible, and without flaws. However, as its designation hints at it's a program file with features in development. This means that the trial version may have issues, potentially, but is never uploaded with known errors or issues, unless this is expressively noted in close connection to the download url.

To see what we are working on and what has been implemented, as well as fixed when it comes to bugs etc., look at the change log page.

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