Astrocalc 6.3 - Download 30 Days Free Astrocalc Trial Version

Astrocalc trial version is available to download as a 30 days Free Trial, with no obligations - based on stable release The Astrocalc trial version is equivalent to the Professional Edition, with the exceptions listed below. We invite everyone to try this latest trial version of Astrocalc 6.3

Note that this isn't the update file to download if you already own a license of Astrocalc 6.3 - in this case please login and download the licensed release from your account.

  • All Interpretation text, except for one example, has been removed. The text editor as such is still fully working and text produced in the trial can be used in the purchased program.
  • The Zodiac Calendar module has been removed.
  • The Hindu Astrology section has been removed
  • The Harmonic Tutorial has been removed
  • You can view all Ephemeris alternatives, but printing has been removed.
  • You can view but not print House tables.
  • In Horary, the Planetary Hour function has been removed.
  • Installing the Trial does not give the option to retain data and settings from an older version as the purchased version will do.

You can install the trial version independently of any older version of Astrocalc, also alongside version 6.2 and everything you produce like charts or text, as well as changes to settings remains and will be available when you install the purchased version. It will automatically uninstall the trial version, but leave charts, texts and settings etc. intact. However, you can't install the trial alongside a purchased installation of Astrocalc 6.3

If you have any problems with the trial, please contact us by email at and we will try to solve it. We don't test the trial to the same extent as the licensed version and the specific changes that are done to make it a trial version may have side effects we weren't able to spot in our testing. This download has been tested to work without problems on an upgrade installation of Windows 10


Download Astrocalc 6.3 Trial version (Approx. 24MB)

The trial version is based on stable release (updated 16/2/2017)

Special note if you install Astrocalc 6.3 trial alongside the purchased Astrocalc 6.2:
this will temporary make 6.2 non functional, but this functionality is restored once the trial version is uninstalled. As the 2 versions share many settings parameters, if you change one of these in the 6.3 trial the change will remain once you uninstall the trial and your 6.2 functionality is restored. On purchase of Astrocalc 6.3 the full program install will remove both the trial and the 6.2 program but retain all user data and changes that have been made.

Please note, never remove the trial version (or any other program)  simply by deleting it. Always use the uninstall function or not only may files be left behind you don't know about but Windows will see it as and believe it's still installed.