Astrogeography Released

This release introduces the same input and search system as previously was added to Astrocalc 6.2, likewise it’s now also Unicode aware, so the 2 programs give a similar user experience.

Further improvements involve the display of maps and their adoption to various screen resolutions. It’s important to understand that the maps are not scalable and hence cannot naturally fill up just any monitor from edge to corner around the square. We are investigating the possibility to use scalable maps although I am not too optimistic about it as there are so many things that have to fit on top of the map so even if it may be possible theoretically it may not be practically doable.

Part of Word map

This release comes with 5 sets of 12 maps in various resolutions (and you can extend this by creating your own). The default set is decided by an automatic test mechanism that make a qualified guess of what may fit in full on your monitor when in Maximized Windows mode. Due to so many various resolutions available today, with various pixels per dot size and monitor design, this may not always come out as you would prefer it. To cater for this you can now manually select another resolution from the Options menu, and it will persist until you explicit reset it to the default set. To handle this as elegantly as possible, the Maps display is now forced to Maximized windows mode and the map is also centred on the windows background.

This also allows for a larger map than matches your monitor to be displayed and it’s important to understand that in such cases some vital information printed at the edges simply falls outside of the display area. Lines etc. should still be drawn correctly though, so it may be useful if you like to zoom in on a specific area.

Apart from the above various small improvements and adjustments have been done, many of a non visible nature serving to stabilize or make the program more efficient. Others are small things like when using the Latitude/Longitude tool, you can now decide where on the map you want it to show by simply clicking there. It will always start out in the lower right corner though.

This release is as usual available as a free update by download to all current Astrogeography 6.2 users, after login to your user profile.

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