Astrogeography 6.2 - Astrological time travel!

A novel way of finding the best places on Earth fitting your (or your friends, clients etc.) astrological profile. Want to plan where to take your ideal holiday or make your retirement home? Or speculate ahead, as to the effects of New and Full Moons, Ingresses, etc., on world at large?  Astrogeography is the program that lets you pursue these and many other things and is in a sense the closest to time travelling you get today.

A part of an Astrogeography map.

The program comes with 12 main maps* (in 5 different resolutions) showing the World, Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australasia and Africa, plus 5 further maps for countries like the USA or geographical regions.

If the 12 main maps don't cover your needs the program also offers a facility to create your own maps allowing you to focus and zoom in on a specific area of your choosing.

The program comes with sets of towns that can be plotted on the maps according to their geographic coordinates. Each map has its own set and you can add your own towns to the set, either by manual input or by fetching the data from the built in Atlas. Once added to a set, each town can be hidden or made show again according to your needs. Of course, you can also delete a town, which then is removed only from the set as such and not from the atlas or if present in another set.

Astrogeography also offers interpretations for the astrological data plotted on each map, which can be accessed either by simply pointing at an on-screen symbol or you can print out a full report, which also can include a comprehensive introduction. The text that is presented is also editable so you can amend and improve in line with your own experience and growing knowledge.

While this certainly is the ideal birthday/Christmas present for the keen astrologer, Astrogeography (or AstroCartography as it also is known as) takes some time and effort to learn and master. So no matter what your astrological skill level is, we highly recommended that you read the documentation which is installed as a Word document.

It should also be said that Astrogeography is a relatively new and unexplored astrological domain which makes it a thrill for any serious life explorer.


Download your 30 days free Trial version (Approx. 24MB) of Astrogeography 6.2 and start exploring. And if you get hooked on astrological time travelling, get your license to travel further directly from our web shop.

The trial version is based on release < Download updated 9 January 2015

The program comes with our Full World Atlas and Time Zones integrated, usable to lookup birthplaces for native data input as well as to places to maps. Likewise, if you have any other of our programs in the 6.2 range, like Astrocalc 6.2, it can use chart files directly from them and the other way around.

Attention: This version of Astrogeography will break functionality in Astrocalc 6.2 if installed, it's compatible with Astrocalc 6.3 only. You would need to reinstall Astrocalc 6.2 after completion of the trial or upgrade to Astrocalc 6.3

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista , 7 & 8

*As the purpose of this program is to transpose astrological data on to a geographical background, the maps are kept simple and only show borders on white background, except for sea that can be coloured blue. This is to enhance the visibility of the astrological dimension of the map and not the geographical. Any map though can be opened in a image editor as it's a bitmap file and there be visually amended if you wish to, as long as width and height of the image isn't changed.

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