Invitation to Astrocalc’s giveaway birthday party

Today I started to work distinctively on a project that has been buzzing in my head for some time now. By distinctively I mean that I put in place a certain physical foundation and I think the moment makes up for a quite interesting chart for this “entity”, or what do you think?

Of course, I could tell you all about it now, but what fun would that be as the whole “thing” is planned to be uncovered on the 26th of July this year - the day when Astrocalc will have been around for 30 years! However, I thought “why not make something of it, already now?” So...

I’m throwing 1 license of each Astrocalc Edition in the hat, to reward the 7 individuals that can give the most creative and to the point interpretation of this “entity”.  The rewarded ones will be announced on this site no later than 31st of July 2012. There need to be some leeway in case the party will be wild.

As Mars is still retrograde in Virgo, I have left out details such as time and geographical location so you don’t have to stumble over such details and can instead focus fully on the creative imagination of the image. To give a hint and get you started, you may like to know that I have hidden my Sun in the 12th and will stay out of trouble with the Moon in 7th, faithful to the chart ruler.

An Astrocalc Project Entity Chart Wheel Astrocalc Project Entity Chart Wheel

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14 thoughts on “Invitation to Astrocalc’s giveaway birthday party”

  • Julie B

    Well presumably it's the launch your new website mentioned earlier this week (Uranus in Aries on MC). Chart is for yesterday morning (11 April). Can't quite make out what the pacman is on the North Node and Grand Cross, but Saturn is creating a solid foundation i the 4th. Looks like a lot of hard work, love and joy has gone into it and I know I will love it because of how it interacts with my own chart :).. but what do I know lol. Best wishes x

    Joakim replies: Well with Uranus on Mc it may not be what you expect, but still point you in the right direction ;-) Thanks for contributing.

  • Georgina Guest
    Georgina Guest 13th April 2012 at 00:38

    There is an opposition between the 4th and 10th houses=this indicates some questions about where you want to be=do you want to concentrate on your home life or do you want to be out in the world and doing what you consider to be important? There is some confliction of duty here.

    Your health needs to be addressed=are you taking enough care of yourself?

    Is your mother ok? Is there something going on with her and your father?= or is it something bigger?

    Is the question about our "Mother" and our "Father"?

    Is there some celestial question which needs addressing to ensure the safety of mankind?

    Joakim replies: I want to point out here that this isn't about me, and that the time on the chart isn't "pre-timed" in any way to suite it's purpose. But I can sure see correlations to my own chart, like the 4th/10th emphasis, Uranus on Mc and maybe more, but that just because Astrology works and if I hadn't been in the pattern, something would have been seriously wrong. You are raising some interesting questions there though, but I can calm you with that I just have had a health check-up and all is fine (as far as we know). However, my cat is very pregnant and we still have to wait a few days until we get an answer to who the father is? The big red Bubba Valentine, the slender black Noisy Valentine or the marble discreetly elegant Valentine - we just know it's a Valentine. Thanks for contributing.

  • Keith G

    With Cancer rising the family aspect should be to the fore and with Moon in Sag - indicating a wide universal spread family.

    Moon (R.Asc) Sq Mercury (R. 11th) Trine Mars (R. 10th) and Sextile Saturn (R.7th) should make for an energetic but solid basis for communication from a creative 5th house.

    Joakim replies: Thanks for contributing, you said a lot with few words there, worth dwelling on. Time will tell if it fits in here...

  • Angela

    This chart suggests to me that the project involves taking Astrological interpretation to a whole new level – a complete revamp and new way of looking at things. The Nodes suggest combining mundane and esoteric levels in some way to produce something applicable to both. It involves updating and moving things forward so that they are practical, imaginative and productive; attempting to raise the bar and to clarify new ideas. The group around the MC suggests putting it out there and allowing it to find its own level. This particular birth involves taking risks and chances because once it is 'out there' it will develop a life of its own and it could be important to trust that it will maintain its credibility, with probably the odd tweak or so to keep in on track. To me it definitely speaks of a higher level of interpretation and understanding and bringing imaginative changes so the more spiritual aspects of Astrology are included.

    The position of Saturn suggests the project is now well grounded and ready to share, although it's possible not everybody will understand it at first. A lot of hard work, mental angst and emotion have been a big part of this process, and the Grand Cross suggests that this has been put aside on more than one occasion. However, the time is now right for the idea to be 'birthed' because there is a blending of detailed information within a broader perspective and the whole concept is now well balanced and ready to take its place 'in the world'.

    Joakim replies: Thanks for this very interesting and creative interpretation, if it was to the point will come to light in due time.

  • Andrea Taylor
    Andrea Taylor 15th April 2012 at 06:46

    Sun in 10th wanting to 'shine' out in the world, Mercury in 9th of connecting and communicating with people in foreign places, Mars striving to create wealth in 2nd, Venus in 11th in Gemini reaching out to connect with fellow believers, that alone suggest to me a project that will make you universally known; going global. Grabbing my first thought beyond that, also sending a chart and interpretation details up into space (or burying one, which is often done and would be cheaper and more practical). The Chart shows an almost perfect blending of all the elements required for success. Almost too good to be true. Just as well Saturn is in the 4th keeping it all grounded. What's the point of saying 'good luck?' With a Chart like this, you won't need it!

    Joakim replies: WOW! (an hour or so later, with some distance) Maybe I will get rewarded for years of hard work, although in a sense I already have been, being able to do full time what I love to do. But again, this is not about me, it just comes through me and at the end of the day, I'm just another human being so don't expect too much. However, I find your interpretation very inspiring. And again, the time of the chart is not pinpointed in advance in any way, it's just happened when it happened. Thanks.

  • Keith Gordon

    The project can nurture (Cancer Asc) new innovative directions and new growth towards establishing a vocational course or establishment (Sun Aries 10th and Uranus Midheaven) using 'new age' ideas (Astrology) by communicating creative ideas (Moon Sag 5th Trine Sun Aries 10th) incorporating electronic technology (Uranus 10th) such as facebook, twitter etc in fast modes (Aries 10th).

    Thereby bringing a world family together (Cancer Asc, Moon Sag 5th) through enjoyment of communication (Venus Gemini 11th) so as to develop theories that reconstruct previous data in order to clarify (Mars ret Virgo 2nd; Jupiter Taurus 10th).

    By this process those involved can go beyond personal experience (Saturn Capricorn 3rd Quincunx Mercury Pisces 9th) and avoid repeating old solutions to new problems (Moon sq Mercury sextile Saturn and Mars opp Neptune) and develop a universal awareness rather than a personal one. However to do this one must still revisit the past (Mars ruler 10th ret in Virgo 2nd) in order to restructure the future.

    This project can reflect the words of Paulo Coelho (Aleph, 2011, p126) who considers that "... the problems [that] need to be resolved now ... lie in what you call the "past" and await a decision to be made in what you call the "future". They clog your mind down and won't let you understand the present. If you only rely on experience, you'll simply keep applying old solutions to new problems... 'it takes a huge effort to free yourself from memory, but when you succeed, you start to realise that you are capable of far more than you imagined. You live in this vast universe, which contains all the solutions and all the problems. Visit your soul, don't visit your past'".

  • Jenny S (Janet Edsforth Stone)
    Jenny S (Janet Edsforth Stone) 15th April 2012 at 12:30

    A few things stand out for me on first looking at this chart. The Cancer Ascendant suggests a birth – in this case a project or “entity”. With Joakim’s natal Cancer Sun hidden in the 12th house, he’s obviously keeping the essentials a secret for now. Then there’s Uranus on the MC, as in Joakim’s natal chart; the most likely interpretation would be that this birth has to do with Astrology and/or a computer program. Joakim’s natal Aquarius Moon, busy staying out of trouble in the 7th, underlines this. Then there’s the Sun-Saturn opposition, 10th to 4th, suggesting that the birth process has been either a difficult one, or has taken some time. Which could well link to Astrocalc’s first Saturn return, with the acquired wisdom and coming of age we might expect of this transit.

    At close to 28º of Cancer, the Ascendant draws on a bit of Leo energy, perhaps particularly on the level of creativity. Generosity too, since giveaways are associated with the chart.

    The house system used also produces a substantial 10th and 4th house. The 10th is hugely important here, with the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus adding considerable weight. With the Saturn opposition as well, there’s a sense of attainment, achievement, fulfilment, the realisation of something that has taken time, patience and hard work to bring to fruition. In addition, the MC, Sun and Uranus in Aries strongly suggest new beginnings and a pioneering element in this project.

    Finally, the Moon and North Node in Sagittarius, backed by Mercury in the 9th, give the chart and entity an international (and perhaps philosophical) flavour. This corresponds with Astrocalc’s very international membership. In the 5th, it also underlines the creativity and generosity of the Leo influence, with Jupiter highlighting this generosity. Venus in Gemini in the 11th suggests this entity will be made available to a great many friends, one assumes Astrocalc members – many of them faithful friends from years back.

    I haven’t emphasised the aspects, since the planets, signs and houses say a lot as it is. The grand cross isn’t a 100% planetary one, though again, the squares and that uncomfortable Mars-Neptune opposition suggest a bit of a struggle with this birth. On the other hand, there are lots of very pleasant trines and a couple of sextiles to lighten the load and more than compensate for love’s labours.

    Looks like a winner!

  • Adrian D

    This birthday is certainly going to celebrate a new, exciting and even revolutionary type of astrological tool or format.

    With inventive Uranus on the MC supported by the dynamic leadership quality of the Sun in go-getter Aries, together with the benign and expansive qualities of Jupiter in steady Taurus (with both planets in the 10th House of Career), we are going to see something quite unique that could make a long-lasting contribution to self-knowledge and forecasting. What's more, the sparkle and innovation of Uranus is accompanied nearby by the favourable Path of Fortune!

    I also like the fact that the paternal Sun and maternal Moon are in a very comfortable and easygoing relationship involving professional as well as childlike, creative, playful and romantic pursuits. Such fluid communication provides a strong basis for popularity.

    I just wonder though whether Saturn's opposition to the energetic Sun might dampen the initial enthusiasm, especially if the Mars opposition Neptune gives rise to some sort of misguided fantasies and disillusionment ...

    Happy birthday to Astrocalc! ...

  • Jane

    This chart set for 11 April shows underfunding has held it back.Uranus( in my teaching ruled byMercury) is in mutual attraction to Mars in a mercurial house showing technical ability is there to go forward (really good ideas) .The eleventh house of hope reiterates a wish for cash.Mercury plays an important part in this chart ruling important houses and planets but he is a chameleon and needs to move into the tenth house where he can be more aggressive and stop dreaming.Saturn in the fourth house puts a damper on enthusiasm created in the tenth causing a "Wait and see"situation.The Moon ruling the ascendant and sitting iSagitarius sees better opportunities abroad?

    There has been a lot of hard work and dogged determination put into this project but used properly it can only strengthen in character The brain power is here it needs a backer to go worldwide
    again in my teaching Jupiter is the old time ruler of Pisces and mercury will be heavily influenced by it. "The world is your oyster"

  •  Jane

    P.S. Missed out the following.
    Ruler of the 10th working in the 2nd house through Virgo (Mercury ruled again) is showing caution and common sense.Mars is in the 1st decanate of Virgo taking the strain of one corner of the Grand Cross and Square and so could be prone to mental fatigue. However some of the hotheadedness in the 10th is "earthed"by Mars in Virgo It should all pay off in the end.

  • sylvia cooper
    sylvia cooper 24th July 2012 at 17:05

    Uranus conjunct MC puts science in the spotlight during April 2012, interesting as Sheldon would say in the Big Bang theory.

    • Joakim

      My apologies for not follow up on this until now, but after have done some comments it felt odd and also contra productive to the posts nature to comment further. Then as we approached the B-Day, the Leo Sun finally came out in all its generosity and I deemed it the right action to take a few days off enjoying it instead of getting gloomy in front of the monitor.

      In my post I said that the secrets of my project (charted above), would be revealed on Astrocalc’s birthday, and that didn’t really happen. I’m not going to make any excuses about it. I simply don’t have enough ready yet to make a meaningful presentation and deem it better to wait until I have.

      So for the birthday I wrote this celebration post instead, both in honour to the legacy of Astrocalc and at the same time to set myself free from it – all in a very symbolic way of course, as my intention is nothing but to continue building on that legacy. It felt important though to make a stand aiming in a new direction, my direction, and the time appears to be as appropriate as it can be. I feel all in sync with it.

      In that post some is revealed, that it’s about software yes, a new version and a free version, yes that’s right, of Astrocalc. But it doesn’t stop there and it’s probably not how you imagine it because free astrology software exists already - so why would I like to do the same? In any case, I hope it won’t take too long until I feel ready to expose more details.

      I would like to say though that some of the comments above are not totally wrong and much of your interpretations have also inspired me to aim beyond where I originally was going. Everything has its time though, as Saturn tries to teach us, and there is a limit to what one man can do within a certain time frame. But, as with borders, limits may change or be removed completely, if the correct magic is applied.

      So there won’t be any more revelations here and now, but I will be back in a few days to announce “winners” even if I think most of you already are Astrocalc users.

  • Andjelko

    So, as you prolonged the festivity to the Olympics period (which just started), let me join in. :)

    I would point out to the possible obstacles to the project, and perhaps offer an idea how to avoid losses.

    1. Mars in 2nd square Venus in 11th: "don't go too hard on your friends". Assuming the actual Astrocalc users as the project's friends, try not to loose them by squeezing too hard on their monies. 30-day free trial seems as a good idea, I've just downloaded it.

    2. Mars in 2nd oppose Neptune in 8th: "don't fight the inner values". I bought the software in 1990, and never ever questioned it's accuracy. Wouldn't like to start right now. Someone could assume that free astrocalc is done with less efforts, and hence reliability. Convince us it is not so.

    3. North Node in 5th oppose Venus in 11th: "don't be too creative". This adds to the previous one, and it seems you already know it - from your intention to "nothing but to continue building on that legacy". I'll send you more comments after seeing if the new version is just a new suit or a completely new person.

    Let's turn to the bright side now. :)

    I love the 10th house! Uranus trine North Node will definitely make the innovation worthwhile, Sun will bring vitality to the project, and Jupiter assures its blessing. Happy birthday, Astrocalc!

    • Joakim

      Thanks for your comments and suggestions Andjelko, much appreciated and I will certainly take them under consideration. Just some flash response:

      1. I consider anyone with a serious interest in or candid curiosity on astrology to be friends of this project. Not that I read it as you suggest so but I don’t think anyone with a sane mind can accuse me for trying to squeeze on their monies. Indeed, users have asked me to set up a donation page so they can pay more, but I am not ready for that yet. In this context, in short, I read this combination as “the challenge of balancing the dynamic forces of giving and receiving”. I have them as a close conjunction in my 10th by the way ;-)
      2. They use the same code base and the same algorithms and it would seriously tamper with my sleep if I was to give away, or sell, something I didn’t want myself. I sleep good, but sometimes too little maybe – usually because of that.
      3. Not sure if I completely gasp what you mean with that one, but if you mean “overdo” yes, I think I have learned a few lessons along the road. But I think there are more, much more and positive things with this combination. So I am glad you spotted it.

      I am glad that you and others see so much positive potential in this chart/project and I certainly hope it comes out that way. At the same time, I think this may be the closes a man can come to a woman’s experience of carrying a baby, the sense of blessing and hope, feeling of self importance and need of being humble at the same time, while at the same time it gets heavier to carry you also grow stronger, you have to grow stronger, and sometimes you are alone in a narrow dark alley of doubt. The knowledge that you carry something special, that you are blessed to deliver to the world helps you get though and... Well I better stop there ;-)

      Although I have to add, reality shows that it's not always the surrounding see the new born baby as a beauty the same way as the mother does and some time may need to pass before it can make its true impression on the world.