Old Astrocalc says Good Buy

This officially announces the "End of Life" cycle of the old Astrocalc version 5.6 and earlier, also including old versions of Astrogeography, Starword and Transits Forecaster. The last version of Astrocalc created by its founder Colin Miles, version 5.6, was released in January 2002, almost 8 years ago!


For a software product that's quite a respectable age and the fact it's still able to run on many of the modern Windows systems is a mark of quality in itself, a quality that served many users over the years. But nothing can change the fact that the technology under the hood is vastly outdated and all good things come to an end. It’s been a “good buy” but now it’s time to say goodbye. However, the quality of Astrocalc lives on in the new versions.


Also, with Colin no longer in office (retired) we can no longer provide good support for these outdated programs - no one knows them as he does. Hence, starting 20 January 2010, the day version 5.6 will be 8 years, the only support we can offer you for these programs is to upgrade and to assist you when you do. We will continue to give an upgrade discount on them but the amount will decrease as time passes by.


Astrocalc 6.2, and other programs in the 6.2 range, will also be the last version to offers backward compatibility with version 5.x and earlier versions. In practice this means retaining settings and data during installation, options which may not be available in future versions.


Installation of version 6.2 works seamlessly with version 6.0 in respect of retaining data and settings. With version 5.x it will convert the full set of text and client files though perhaps not all of the settings (but important things like orbs). With still older versions, including DOS, only the client files will be retained.