Grand (re)opening of Astrocalc online presence

It has been a long time coming back from serious health, technical and other problems. It's more then a year now since hell broke lose with one accident following the other... and It wasn't like this I imagined it would be when I took over Astrocalc from Colin Miles. But now I am back in full health and hopefully we have mos technical problems sorted out. It's said that it is through deep crisis we truly evolve as human beings and I hope the same is true of Astrocalc as well.


I have tried to reach out to all old customers using their last known email address and for all addresses that has proven valid the process of creating online profiles are now going on. It has to be a manual action though, so please have some patience. However, if you are in urgent need of an upgrade or if you as an old customer haven't been contacted by now, please use the Contact Us link in footer menu here on site.


Apart from recreating our web presence I have also worked hard during the last months to get a new version of Astrocalc ready, a version that safely works on Windows Vista. Unfortunately it's not quite ready yet because, although Astrocalc is a very easy program to use, it is a very complex being internally and Vista does set some very hard conditions on security before it allows a program to really do what it wants and needs to do. I cannot promise this work will be completed before Christmas, just that I will do my best..


The good news is that if you are still running Windows XP, Windows ME or Windows 98 rather than Windows Vista there is nothing to prevent you from upgrading and in fact there are several good reasons to do so. First of all, Astrocalc 6.0 is in many ways a superior program to earlier versions and much easier to use. Just a few hits if you weren't aware of it:


  • No need to first calculate the Natal radix when you want to do progressions, transits or synastry comparison, etc.
  • Full World Atlas with automatic time zone calculation is included in all editions
  • No need for a new code if you need to reinstall, or install on second computer (e.g. Notebook)
  • 1 year of free updates, even if a new version is released, not just bug fixes
  • and much more like a more modern user interface etc. etc.


Also, please
note that although we endeavor to offer as much support as possible, Colin Miles has now retired and although he keeps in touch in the background,
neither he nor I can offer other than minimal support for the older versions (the last 5.6 release was more than 6 years ago) and which were
not adapted for the modern Windows platform. The best advice is to update to version 6 where we can give you our full support.


There is also another reason you should consider to upgrade, especially if you have an older then 5.6 version - your upgrade price. Astrocalc has always had (really) low upgrade prices, and they still are. In fact, ridiculously low if you look around. However, the reality has changed since the golden years of Astrocalc, the competition today is much harder and unfortunately the serious interest about astrology among the general public has not increased, at least not significantly. Hence, there will be a change and it will take place as the new version is released.


Stay tuned for more news and an email with your login credentials, if you are an old customer (and we have your email address of course).


Yours truly,
Joakim Schram, Astrocalc

6 thoughts on “Grand (re)opening of Astrocalc online presence”

  • Suzanne Leigh

    glad to see things are getting there for you Joakim,I'm running on vista and will be upgrading as soon as the program is ready,I've been using astrocalc since I first started taking Astrology seriously and I am very happy with it.

  • Colin Stanwell-Smith
    Colin Stanwell-Smith 17th December 2008 at 15:39

    GOOD NEWS I hope your relaunch continues to go well and very best wishes. Maybe one day you will also be able to support Mac? Don't worry I use both.

  • Colin  Hewitt

    Congratulations on the new website I placed my order for Farmer's moon without a hitch. May your determination and expertise bring you the satisfaction they deserve.

  • Margaret Gilmore
    Margaret Gilmore 19th December 2008 at 00:48

    Nice to see Astrocalc back! I am also running on Vista and will be upgrading as soon as the programme is ready.

  • Paul Graham

    It goes to proove they can't keep a good man down!! I wish you well in all your endevours

  • Alan Phelan

    Dear Joakim

    Just received my new login and update details.

    What is even more important is seeing you back and in good health.

    Warmest regards and best wishes for your and Astrocalc's success in the future.

    Alan Phelan