Secrets revealed in a giveaway

In my April 11, 2012 post “Invitation to Astrocalc’s giveaway birthday party” I started to talk about a new project that “has been buzzing in my head for some time...(to) put in place a certain physical foundation...” and invited you, the reader, to give an interpretation of the chart for that moment, seen as the birth of this new “entity”. The time has now come to “put the cards on the table” or at least become clearer about what it is. I will also give specific feedback to the comments made to that post. Furthermore, as promised there will be some rewards in gratitude for your contributions. Unfortunately there is no way to keep this short, so I hope you have some time to spare. So let’s begin...

To start with, I’d like to bring your attention to one of several patterns in that chart, because there is a resemblance to a pattern of similar kind in my own chart and I believe it very much establishes my role in this project. Sun in 10th opposite Saturn in 4th, with Moon in 5th Trine/Sextile the former two.  Then not exactly tied in to that pattern but as the highest located planet in the chart, and in my view of Astrology the planet that rules them all, Uranus on Mc in 10th. I my natal chart I have Uranus on Mc, with an even closer orb, but in 9th, in opposition to the Moon (click on Ic in 4th) and with Saturn in 2nd Trine/Sextile the two, within an overall orb of 2 degrees. My Sun then has a somewhat different position in 9th where it’s unaspected. I think it’s also worth pointing out that at this time Saturn is passing over my Ascendant.

So what’s next? There are things I can’t or don’t want to tell, yet, for various reasons and that’s just how it has to be. So why say something at all then? One reason is obviously to create interest, even if I personally don’t really think of it that way. It’s more that I sense it should be done this way and I guess it’s also consistent with my Sun in this project charts 12th. I will remove one layer of “mystery” now though and speak out that this is actually about the next version of Astrocalc. So why call it a new project then? Well it is a new project, but it builds on a 30 years old foundation, and simply put I am keeping the same old name even if it could have been changed.

At this point I think it’s legitimate to ask how this “birth” (and thereby this chart) came to be? You may need to be a programmer to fully understand this, but the time is the moment (12 April 11:52 AM 2012) when I decided to take action and actually started the project by “branching the old code in to a new repository” in my version control system. That’s a special type of program keeping track of all changes made to the code and allows for working independently with different parts at the same time, in a synchronized way. The impulse to draw the chart and put it online as part of the birthday celebration came as a reaction to this.

Another thing I like to clarify as well is in what sense this new version of Astrocalc will be free, because it will but in a certain way. It will be free for your personal needs, and the exact meaning of this will be revealed with the first release. Although I can say that much, it’s not another Astrodienst, it’s not by advertising or similar but with a very specific purpose. If that made you curious, good you ought to be. Will this discontinue the commercial Astrocalc? No, but it’s not the time to talk about that now.

Then, what’s beyond the release of this project, next version of Astrocalc, isn’t really meaningful to talk about at this stage, and to be honest it isn’t absolutely set in stone. Enough said, next time I bring this up there will be something to actually use. Indeed, there will most likely be a preview or public beta release of some kind.

Now I will go through the comments made on the invitation page to give some feedback as well as reward the contributions as promised. Some of them are really good ones, as well as inspiring, even if I prefer to keep a lower profile than some of you aim for in your interpretations. If you didn’t comment you have to put up with the consequences because I feel generous today.

You who have commented are all already Astrocalc users, so I will make it a bit differently than originally said. After all, this wasn’t really a competition but rather an invitation to contribute with a promise of a reward, a giveaway, attached to it. I will just quote parts of the comments, to keep some sense of context but they are of course available in full to read in that other blog post. In general, I was very inspired by them and spontaneously started to respond but soon realized that it was a bit contra productive.

Julie B:it's the launch of your new website mentioned earlier this week (Uranus in Aries on MC )... Saturn is creating a solid foundation i the 4th. Looks like a lot of hard work, love and joy has gone into it” Website, not quite and not yet at least, but Saturn yes it IS a solid, 30 years foundation, lots of hard work, love and joy, definitely.

I have upgraded your license from Standard to Advanced Edition, you will also get a 2 Gift Voucher for Astrocalc 6.2 Basic Edition, to give away and make someone you like happy. One of them because you dared to be first and “break the ice”.

Georgina Guest:There is an opposition between the 4th and 10th houses... Is there some celestial question which needs addressing to ensure the safety of mankind?“ While the first part may apply more to my own native chart,but I don’t agree with that interpretation for this chart. However, I really did like your final question although I cannot claim to have the answer to it. If this project will answer it, remains to be seen. We are steaming toward interesting times indeed, but that’s also words we have heard too often before without much really coming out of them. I do think it’s important to not stop asking that question though.

In gratitude of your contribution I have upgraded your Basic Edition to the Standard one, allowing for a next step in your astrology studies. You will also get a Gift Voucher for Astrocalc 6.2 Basic Edition, to give away and make someone you like happy with.

Keith Gordon:The project can nurture (Cancer Asc) new innovative directions and new growth towards establishing a vocational course or establishment (Sun Aries 10th and Uranus Midheaven) using 'new age' ideas (Astrology) by communicating creative ideas (Moon Sag 5th Trine Sun Aries 10th) incorporating electronic technology (Uranus 10th) such as facebook, twitter etc in fast modes (Aries 10th).

While I can say right away there are currently no plans to involve Facebook or Twitter, it’s wise to never say never and as said above, this project is not yet all written in stone. Also, I wouldn’t label this (or Astrology) as a “new age” related, possible as Age of Aquarius related and in my book they are two different things. Apart from that, what you say does make a lot of sense to me. It’s still too early to put in the details but it certainly does carry the potential to materialize in that direction.

Regarding the rest of your comments, I really liked the metaphoric power contained in the interpretation and it doesn’t conflict in any way with my vision. In short, while I cannot know if this project will contribute to break the human habit of “keep applying old solutions to new problems”, it sure have a spirit that aims in that direction.

As you already have the Professional Edition of Astrocalc I will reward your contribution with a Gift Voucher of the same Pro Edition to be given to someone who may have good use for it. Then as a bonus for the quote “Visit your soul, don't visit your past” you will also get 2 Synastry Editions to give away.

Angela: If things develops as I hope, your interpretation is pretty much spot on, with some adjustments. I don’t know if it will be “taking Astrological interpretation to a whole new level”, guess I like to be more modest, but hopefully it will bring it a new angle of perception.  Mundane astrology is certainly one part of it. I cannot claim any competence in esoteric astrology, but hey who said it’s just me... and I really like this with “putting it out there...” and you perfectly make the correct remarks about that.

Angela also sent me a separate more extensive document containing lots of astrological reasoning behind what finally ended up in the comment. Very impressive!

You also make an interesting remark in “The position of Saturn suggests the project is now well grounded and ready to share, although it's possible not everybody will understand it at first.” This is probably very true, although we cannot know for sure, yet. I suspect as just as this have had some time in coming with Saturn firmly anchored in 4th, it will probably need some time in taking off as well, if it now will fly at all. I just don’t take this for granted and I’m aware there is still work needed to be done to make it happen.

We all (astrologists) know that with Saturn nothing comes for free, one way or the other we have to earn it, even if it’s given to us. Interestingly, no one have used the word “patience” in the comments, it may be a rewarding virtue.

As thanks for your contribution and impressive work I have upgraded your license to Professional (as you are nothing less) and you will also get a Gift Voucher of the same Pro Edition to bring light to someone you believe needs an encouraging confirmation that’s what she/he really is or has the potential to become. I also would like to give you 3 Standard Editions as a bonus for your dedicated effort in the document you sent me and which I would like to link to here as a study, with your permission?

Andrea Taylor: Your comment was very reassuring and inspiring for the future to come. “Sun in 10th wanting to 'shine' out in the world, Mercury in 9th of connecting and communicating with people in foreign places, Mars striving to create wealth in 2nd, Venus in 11th in Gemini reaching out to connect with fellow believers, that alone suggest to me a project that will make you universally known, going global

I don’t know if this will come true but sure, as long as it doesn’t over shine and cast shadow on the project as such, I guess I could be ok with that and take some credit for it. It’s always encouraging to get appreciation for what you are doing. Hopefully it will have a vitalizing impact on the level of consciousness we see around us today, making people shine and increasing their level of wealth.

By wealth I really don’t just mean money and particularly noted you didn’t put it that way. We need them yes and there is nothing evil with money, but it’s a bad thing when they run us, so to speak, and that's pretty much the case with this planets today.  I can just say that’s very essential to this project as well.

In gratitude for your contribution I have upgraded your Beginners License to the Standard Edition with your Huber module kept intact. Furthermore, to reward the inspiring and reassuring nature of your comment and help you to further inspire others, I like to give you 3 Gift Voucher of the Huber Edition (which practically is Beginner + the Huber module) that you can pass on to where you see the need.

Jenny S:With Joakim’s natal Cancer Sun hidden in the 12th house, he’s obviously keeping the essentials a secret for now. Then there’s Uranus on the MC, as in Joakim’s natal chart; the most likely interpretation would be that this birth has to do with Astrology and/or a computer program.

You are pretty much spot on there. Let me just add that being secretive is hardly my usual approach in taking on things. “Then there’s the Sun-Saturn opposition, 10th to 4th, suggesting that the birth process has been either a difficult one, or has taken some time.” A bit of both, spot on, I think this have been coming for a long time while I have been with Astrocalc. “The 10th is hugely important here, with the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus adding considerable weight. With the Saturn opposition as well, there’s a sense of attainment, achievement, fulfilment, the realisation of something that has taken time, patience and hard work to bring to fruition. In addition, the MC, Sun and Uranus in Aries strongly suggest new beginnings and a pioneering element in this project.

Yes, I am trying to do something here that probably never has been done before and arriving there has really been a long process that incorporates much of what you say here. Obviously, it’s crucial to mention that I have the same 10th/4th in my own chart, just tossing around the planets a bit.

Finally, the Moon and North Node in Sagittarius, backed by Mercury in the 9th, give the chart and entity an international (and perhaps philosophical) flavour.” This one caught my attention pretty much and thinking of it in a rational way one could think of me as “the voice of Astrocalc”. But with my Sun is in 9th maybe it’s a bit the other way around as well. I think you picked up some essentials here but as long as my Sun also is in the 12th... ;-)

You also have the Professional Edition already so to stop repeating myself and to reward the broad covering and enlightening content of your interpretation, I will give one 1 Gift Voucher for each of the editions you don’t have, to be used with the wisdom I know you have.

Adrian D:This birthday is certainly going to celebrate a new, exciting and even revolutionary type of astrological tool” Apart from that we don’t know yet if it will be exciting or revolutionary (not my task to judge), you are correct about a “type of astrological tool or format”. “With inventive Uranus on the MC supported by the dynamic leadership quality of the Sun in go-getter Aries, together with the benign and expansive qualities of Jupiter in steady Taurus ..., we are going to see something quite unique that could make a long-lasting contribution to self-knowledge...” Yes, this will definitely be about self-knowledge, good catch! As for the rest in that sentence and the following, I guess we just have to wait and see.

I just wonder though whether Saturn's opposition to the energetic Sun might dampen the initial enthusiasm” last I looked the Sun was still on top. Of course, Saturn opposing the Sun would never pass unnoticed, although it doesn’t have to be bad and certainly doesn’t need to damper the good things.

if the Mars opposition Neptune gives rise to some sort of misguided fantasies and disillusionment” A valid point, but I don’t think so. To me that’s the awareness this can only be done out of inspiration. If that is lost, you have to go finding it again, before you can continue. Still what you say about Sun/Saturn and Mars/Neptune are valid questions to put forward for these combinations and it’s certainly wise to be on guard against it materializing.

I like to reward your contribution with an upgrade of your old Astrocalc 3.5 W4 to 6.2 Standard Edition. Furthermore, for your comment bringing the Sun/Moon relationship in to focus, I also like to give you 2 Gift Vouchers for Astrocalc 6.2 Synastry Edition that you can pass on as a gift and make someone else happy with.

Jane: “This chart set for 11 April shows underfunding has held it back.” Although I can’t agree to that this project has been held back due to lack of money (if that what’s meant with underfunding), I won’t deny you are on to a point there. At some point it’s quite possible more funds are needed to take it to the next level, although the same is certainly true for human resources as well. However, I think you are on to an important dimension of this chart with highlighting Mercury’s importance.

Mercury plays an important part in this chart ruling important houses and planets but he is a chameleon...” I didn’t want to complicate things by also bringing in the chart of Astrocalc, but it actually has Mercury spot on Mc of this chart. Is it (he or she) a chameleon? Of course, it has to be, it’s the messenger. It’s a very powerful but also exposed position where the ability to adapt to local circumstances is of greatest essence. The expression “don’t shoot the messenger” probably has a very real origin, I think he's fine in 9th.

Is there “a wish for cash” and does “it needs a backer to go worldwide”? I probably wouldn’t say it that way, but most projects usually need some kind of funding. I don’t see a need to talk about that yet though, but if the project is well received it will probably simplify matters. To make it clear, I don’t have any special funding for this in place and have not asked for any, which means it’s still an open matter with potential for creative solutions. The best backer would probably be the ones it benefits and I believe they already exist worldwide. I don’t know but I feel it’s better not to worry than beg, if I put it that way.

Saturn in the fourth house puts a damper on enthusiasm created in the tenth causing a ‘Wait and see’ situation.” Here I disagree. I can understand yours and others concerns about Saturn, and now when you hear he/she is rocking my Asc... No, it doesn’t damper my enthusiasm, it anchors it, you people read all too many tabloids and books about Saturn being bad and boring! He/She is your best friend that keeps you sane when opening your mind letting it go beyond real. It’s your memories from the past, your guild that makes it heavy, not Saturn. Instead, he/she just shows that you don’t need it.  You can either carry a load of stones on your shoulders, or you can make them your foundation and from there you are free to do whatever you want. The only one who is stopping you is yourself, not Saturn. But of course, if you don’t behave (learn) he/she will bring forth consequences.

I think you make several important points in your two comments, even if I didn't fully agree and felt a need to rephrase some. Still I appreciated them very much and would have liked to give you the Professional Edition, which you already have. But as you talked about your teaching, I figure you may have students and in such case I would like to reward your contribution with 5 Gift Vouchers for 6.2 Synastry Edition, which you can give away to your students. I liked to keep it to 5 when I had classes as it’s a good number connected with the life force.

Sylvia Cooper: This project certainly has an angle of science in itself, although probably not “according to the book”, and even if better late than never (your comment), I won’t make it a Big Bang. Thus I won’t upgrade you Standard Edition, but instead reward you contribution with an Astrocalc 6.2 Standard Edition Gift Voucher, that I am sure you will feel delighted to give to someone around you.

Andjelko: You comment also came (too) late but I still like to give your extensive contribution my gratitude, hence I have upgraded you Astrocalc 6.0 Beginners license to the 6.2 Basic one. Just login, download, install and start to use it.

Regarding the Gift Vouchers given out above, I am not sure I will have the time to arrange it all before I leave for some holiday on Thursday 16th so it may take until I’m back September 1st.

Thanks to all for taking part in the celebration of Astrocalc passing the mark of 30 Years, but now we will move on.

Joakim Schramm,
Caretaker of the Astrocalc Software Project