Summer Wrap-Up

Back in early spring we had some problems with the web site and I wasn't able to write and publish things as I wanted, an update to the framework the site is built on was inescapable but due to shortage of time it didn’t happen until around the summer solstice.  As usual things then didn’t go as planned and although the site finally came back up, it almost crashed with long since made up holiday plans. Now, back in the rocking chair again in front of the computer, it’s high time to pick up the thread and write a few words about things I’ve done but not written about the last months.

I merged the two sites and  to become one. At the time I originally rebuilt the site based on the new framework I thought it to be a good idea to have 2 sites, and, one for the Euro and one for Sterling. I have now changed my mind and decided for one site and one currency only, because it simply makes things so much easier.  Hence, I will no longer set prices in Euro, but only in Pound Sterling.

This shouldn’t be confused with the fact that you actually can make a selection on the site to see prices in other currencies also including the Euro, but these prices are just recalculated estimates based on a mid-market exchange rate and should only be seen as an approximate.

Before I started to work on the web site at the beginning of this summer I did some good work on Astrocalc  6.2 tying up some loose end to improve stability, foremost on Vista and Seven. I have also introduced Multi-Language capabilities and for the moment it mean can choose between English, Swedish and German when installing the program. Furthermore, it now also have true support for multi-language interpretation text files and a whole lot of improvements were done to the management of text files.

 The big happening for me personally though is that I upgraded my own work computer to finally leave XP behind to welcome Windows 7 and I must say I’m very pleased with that change. This doesn’t mean support for XP will end in any way, not yet for some years I believe, but the future is of course with the latest version of Windows.

Here I also would like to remind everyone who already have upgraded to Astrocalc 6.2 about your privilege of free updates. All software have bugs and Astrocalc is no exception, unfortunately, and I must say so far they have been relatively few despite the magnitude of structural changes that were done in comparison with the previous version (6.0). Still these small updates are not only about fixing bug, I like to refine things and hence the current version also gets a little better and better day by day. So you should really use that privilege and all you have to do is to log in to find the download right in front of your eyes.

Just a few words about other older programs that earlier were available from Astrocalc, I’m talking about Horacalc, Chartmaster, Biorythms, Numerology, Tutorials etc. I like to be honest to you about those programs, I have started working on to convert them to work the newer versions of Windows, but these are old programs, with old code and not exactly a dream for a programmer of today. Let’s just say they did things differently back then either because they had to or because they were taught to and I think I have stayed away from stepping on anyone’s toes. In case you wonder, yes Astrocalc comes down along that path too as the very first release happened well beyond 20 years ago, but in difference to most other old programs Astrocalc has received much more love and care over the years leaving it somewhat better of entering into the modern era of Windows.