Mayan Calendar: Don’t Worry, Be Happy - The world won’t end on Friday!

(This is the first in a fresh series of articles related to the Mayan Calendar event I am writing, gradually turning it into an astrological event. My aim is to keep a sober but open mind and there will be at least one more article before the event, possibly a third depending on how things unfold. In the end, it’s all about love, inspiration, and our 2 white cats.)

So we are almost there, the big happening of the year, maybe of the century, or will it even be “the” event defining the end of an epoch? You know what I am talking about, what everybody is talking about, the end of the Mayan Calendar. But is it really an end? They themselves actually talk about the end of “The world of the 4th Sun” and wait a minute, doesn’t that automatically imply the beginning of the 5th? Indeed, if you listen to the Mayan Elders, instead of a multitude of dividing sources online, nothing else has really been said.

So why is all the talk about gloom and doom surfacing, and has been for years? And indeed, strong denials this is an event of significance at all? And what about all other information relayed, about opening and closing of gateways, separation of good and bad people etc. and the other day I came across someone who claimed to pass on a message from Jesus himself? Well, to begin with, at times like this a lot of energies and “beings” attached to it are pulled out from the dark and they can take any shape that serves their purpose. Later, but not until in next article, I will in fact show by the way of astrology, in connection with true and verified Mayan information, where it all comes from.

It doesn’t mean there aren’t true and genuine messengers, guides and light workers out there but much is pure nonsense or at best wishful thinking. And “gateways” of various forms actually open and close all the time, with or without an even like this. Also, if there is a special gateway for this event, maybe it doesn’t look like or operate exactly as our brain or creative mind likes to create it.  At the end of the day, it’s down to each one to use his or her judgment and common sense.

I don’t claim to know much about the Mayan culture or its prophecies. Indeed there seems to be a lot of obscurity around the latter, which may be one reason to all the spin. As an example, if we put them up against something like “The prophecies of Nostradamus” we there have a very clearly written down material. This isn’t the case with the Mayan ones, and it has its natural reason. Mayan culture in general is passed on orally and not in written form, and it has been like this for ages. Writings are very limited and most of them are not by the Mayans themselves and often don’t even involve them in any way.

There exist a few documents though, usually in the form of interviews or essays and I will partly lean on one of them in these articles. I'd like to state here though that the nature of their cultural tradition makes it very vulnerable to misuse and misrepresentation in an information age like this. I believe we currently see a lot of that taking place and have done so for some time.

So, while I haven’t been studying Mayan in depth, I actually got involved already 25 years ago. However, at the time I had no idea of what it would come to mean today and I will return to this later. While I can’t say I understand so much about the Mayan Calendar as such, I do understand something about the measuring of time, and that any calendar is cyclic in nature, even if time itself is linear – at least as it applies to our logical and limited mind. From a greater perspective, I believe, there truly is neither a beginning nor an end, just transformation from one phase to another, from one plane to another, from one... you get it.

It all goes in circles, just as in the astrological zodiac, so maybe it would make sense to look at it from that perspective. That’s how I started to think about it as I wrote this article almost a year ago. As a reaction a friend and reader sent me a link to this document about a Mayan Ajq'ij, an Elder and ceremonial priest and spiritual guide. This in turn led to some quite interesting as well as surprising discoveries as I sought to make astrological connections to it. I strongly recommend you to read that Mayan document as well, because it’s one of the few true sources available, written more than 10 years ago.

Before I go in to the astrology of this, I'd like to state that the purpose of my articles isn’t to make an attempt to predict what’s going to happen. Actually, I am pretty sure that whatever it is, it won’t be visible or tangible in any way, at least not just yet anyhow. But I do believe something will happen, with humanity, with the globe, I may even have a vision, but at this point I am not able to judge if it even will materialize in my lifetime. We must not forget that we are talking about a time scale spanning over 26000 years here.

Instead, the purpose of these articles is to present a few charts that I have found to be of great importance connecting to this event and the future. I believe it needs to get out in the open to be studied also by others and become useful in a positive way. And maybe I hope someone will enjoy and appreciate the way I am presenting this or even finding comfort in it, as for some this probably is a tense time. If you think I am coming late to the table? Not at all, just in time, because it’s now all begins.

I also hope to show that this is not a moment to fear, but rather an opportunity for humanity. This is not just an end but rather a new beginning. However, there is a dark side as well, forces that try to capitalize on the fear that they have been working on for years to build up.

So where to begin? To stay with the Mayans still for some time, the whole thing actually started 25 years ago, back in 1987 and more specificly on the 16th to 17th of August with an event called the Harmonic Convergence. I remember it very well because it was at this time my interest for astrology and the mystery of life I had had since childhood, took a serious turn. That event actually marked the end of the World of the 4th Sun (and you can read more about this in the document linked above) and if there is a gateway of any kind opening up in relation to this, it must have been then in such case. In my belief it’s still open and will be until it closes behind us as we are moved through by time.

I was surely not the only one and have no idea about numbers, but we were probably in the thousands pulled in to that “gate” leaving behind a life of a completely different kind. The Mayan’s themselves call this, from then to now, a period of transition. I read this as not only for Humanity but actually the whole planet as such, and it has been on the move through that gate (if we choose to call it that) since. So what we are about to face is not an end particularly, not at all, but a new beginning, the beginning of the World of the 5th Sun.

It’s worth keeping in mind that in its true essence, this event is a Mayan view of reality and meant to make sense to them, not to you and me (unless you are a Mayan, of course). Hence, I opt personally to see it differently, in a way that makes sense to me. I believe this to be of great importance because while we all origin from the same source, we don’t all fit into the same form.

In other words, we need to realize that while the Mayan event as such, including its prophecies, may affect the world and humanity at large, on a more personal level it’s intended for Mayan’s themselves. However, we others can certainly take guidance and inspiration from it, but still we may need to find our own path in to the future.

As many others at that time 25 years ago, I was a bit lost about my cultural heritage, because I was pulled into a new “world” from a social and geocentric reality that didn’t make much sense to me. Instead, I found new roots and a new cultural heritage through Astrology. From that perspective, I now see this event more like the tipping point of no return, as we enter in to the Age of Aquarius. It now so happens that the opposite sign to Aquarius, its polarity, Leo is the 5th sign in the Zodiac and as well, the ruler of the Sun too. I cannot really claim it to be of significance in this case, but it’s not uncommon that you see bridge over connections like this between cultural events. In any case it’s one more grain in the scale leaning towards that conclusion and I thought it should be mentioned.

Ok, with that small introduction of a big cultural event, let’s now turn more to the astrology. The natural path would have been to start back in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence, but at this time I haven’t been able to find a usable time to cast a valid chart for, thus I will take it from the other end instead. So we will jump right in to the core of the matter, The Winter Solstice of 21st December 2012 and this chart will probably surprise a few.*

First of all, I have used Baghdad, Iraq as the location and why won’t be unveiled until in next article, but there is of course a very specific reason for this. The next, and much bigger, surprise is the time, 14:03:37 or 11:03:37 UTC if you like. Basically, looking around everywhere else you will find that the time 11:11 UTC/GMT is used or even 11:11:11 and indeed it looks very good and magic with 2 or even 3 Master numbers as the time trigger. I state however it’s wrong and actually a wishful illusion. Ok, in a sense it’s not absolutely wrong, because the visual end result will be the same so the chart will “work”. However, there is an important difference and it has to do with the speed of light and all the implications it can have on our perception of things.

It’s like this. It takes about 7-8 minutes for the Sunlight to reach the Earth, get bended through the prism of the atmosphere and become visible to the eye. This is what the 11:11 time is about and the astrology term for it is Apparent position, while the 11:03 (or 11:03:37 to be exact) is the true time for the same event, when it actually happens, the Sun’s Capricorn ingress, which denote the Winter Solstice. It’s called the True position, so which is correct? I contacted an old friend, Klaus Bonert, about this, someone who has been in the field longer than my 25 years. Indeed, he once had a discussion about this with Robert Hand and a few other “dignified” astrologers. In short, their conclusion was it has to be the True position because at the time of the Apparent the Sun is no longer there where it states to be. So, in a strict sense, it’s an illusion.

I tend to agree with R.H et al. because even if we in astrology use a viewer’s perspective by seeing things from the position of Earth, it’s not the visibility of planets that makes it valid. In such case we would have to cut out the Outer planets as well as other points we cannot locate in a binocular way. Do with this what you want, but be aware that many software packages only use apparent position and in case you miss a happening with 7-8 minutes, now at least you know why.

Chart Wheel - Age Of Aquarius? Click to download as high res pdf file.

Chart Wheel - Age Of Aquarius? Download as high res. pdf file.

So looking at this chart, what do we have in front of us? Well a lot, but especially do we have that Yod planetary pattern including Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and indeed Venus. I know, it’s a common belief that a Yod consists of 3 connection points and what is often forgotten is the Midpoint of the Sextile, which consequently forms an opposition to the lone 150 deg. aspected planet, Jupiter in this case. It doesn’t have to be a planet there, it’s just a “sensitive” point, but when there is as with Venus in this case it sure increases its importance with magnitudes.

I sure would like to give you my view on this, and I will, but not just yet. In fact, I won’t do this even in the next article but not until the one thereafter. It’s as with a painting, you don’t have much use for it unless you have a wall to hang it up on. Preferably, you also want a wall that makes justice in unfolding its full potential. In any case, I think you have got enough to digest for this time.

Next time, we will build that wall and I will then show you another, really breathtaking chart. I will give you my view on it, and further demonstrate that when we progress the chart on to the 21st of December 2012, its Mc falls right on that Winter Solstice we all are waiting for with such anticipation. So it has to carry some importance, right?

Well, it all happens very fast now so you won’t have to wait for long.


*There is much talk about the Galactic Center and our Suns alignment with it as the big event of change taking place this Friday. Personally, while I don’t exclude it as a possibility I don’t see any astrological significance in it. Furthermore it appears even Scholars are in disagreement, hence I have totally excluded it from my writing. Besides, I’m not an astronomer and lack competence to make any statement about it from that angle.

9 thoughts on “Mayan Calendar: Don’t Worry, Be Happy - The world won’t end on Friday!”

  • Kenneth Johnson
    Kenneth Johnson 17th December 2012 at 21:10

    Times have already started changing and the middle east is mentioned in the bible. wars and weather all changing. Doesnt mean the end of mankind. At all endings there are neaw beginnings.
    The Mayan calendar may have ended but the earth will still go on. The rest is up to mankind

  • patrick foord

    Lets hope it bodes well that Venus is the centre of the sextile - --- hopefully Venus behaving in a NICE way, not like she behaves sometimes - pearl habour attack for example. Nice article joachim -- I look forward to your next. Thank you.

  • Val Dobson

    No, the Solar System isn't "aligning with the Galactic Centre". From the Earth, it's the Sun that does the aligning, which currently coincides with the Winter Solstice. Due to precession this alignment is constantly moving; the actual alignment of the Sun and the GC on the exact day of the Winter Solstice was in 1998; about 6,000 years from now, the Sun will be lining up with the GC at the Autumn Equinox; 6.000 or so years later, it will be aligning at the Summer Solstice. And so on, all through the cycles.
    The Mayan calender won't be coming to an end either; no more than our calender ends when we come to Dec 31st each year. The calender just begins another cycle.

  • Simon

    If it takes an hour or more for night to turn to day and a fortnight or more for one season to change to another, it seems very likely that it will take quite some time for one era/epoch/age to change to the next.

  • Chuck Pearce

    Thanks for all that Joakim, most interesting. I did a forecast sometime in the last year and in the interpretation I believed that the only change that will take place is a change of consciousness for the world. So this could be a good thing for many - let us hope that it happens soon and will be of benefit for ALL mankind!
    Merry Christmas

  • Fayyaz Khan

    An important thing in this Yod is that all three planets of the Yod are in Mutual Reception- Hence, in dignity.

  • Bars Bullen

    Thanks for the insight Joakim - really intresting. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Astro Guru Vinod Ji

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