Mayan Calendar: When the Moon is in the 7th house

This is the second in a fresh series of articles I am writing in relation to the Mayan Calendar event, looking at it from an astrological perspective. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you start with reading the first one.

With less than a day left until that moment arrives we are all curious about what’s going to happen, if anything is going to happen? Some may fear it, others are laughing about it, while still others, many, are preparing for meditation, some in larger groups, others in smaller more private gatherings. Whatever approach we take, whatever we believe, I see no reason to fear it but likewise also not to laugh and joke about it – just as you want to be respected you need to show respect for what others believe in.

While I believe the moment tomorrow is of greatest importance, I would be surprised if something visible actually happened. Still it is a moment of change, but change seldom comes suddenly. It comes as a phase in a process and there is always a before and after the tipping point. It’s my belief that tipping point is tomorrow and that it is a moment to use as a take-off into a new future. However, I am very interested in that process as a whole, as I find that’s very much what astrology is about, and started to look for something significant to relate with the upcoming event.

To do this astrologically, we need a time, we need a good time that somehow can be verified. It also has to be something that is of global concern with international involvement, and to push things out of order, the world into unbalance, it needs to be something forceful and maybe even explosive. It also needs to fit in with what the Mayans have said, not with what someone said that interprets them.

In the Mayan document introduced in my previous article, there is a passage where Carlos Barrios, Mayan Elder, says “if war happens in November 2002 or after, then it's bad, but not catastrophic. But if it happens between April and November 2003, it will be catastrophic. Really bad. It could eventually result in the death of two-thirds of humanity.” and that’s really something of a statement. So if we turn to the history books, Wikipedia in this case, we find that the Iraq War took off in March 2003, at 5.33 AM Baghdad time on 20 March to be exact. Just shortly before that worst date.

So there we have it and I think the event fits in pretty well on the criteria above. I have however chosen to rectify the time to be 5.35, because it matches with the progressed chart I will show later. Some may say the war started earlier, referring to the so called Dora Farm attack. But after looking at that chart, I excluded it as irrelevant for this case. Besides, in such case we could probably go back to 10th of July 2002 when CIA arrived to start preparations for the war. However, it’s impossible to get a time for that event.

Astrology Chart Wheel - Iraq war opening attack, a catalyst for the Mayan Calendar prophecy. . Click to download as high res pdf file.

Chart Wheel - Iraq war opening attack. Download as high res. pdf file.

Yes, the Moon is in the 7th house, although Jupiter doesn’t align directly with Mars, but a quincunx may do - and if that makes you scratch your hair it will get straighten out in the next and last article. In any case, that’s something of a chart, isn’t it? A mighty powerful one it is, indeed. What immediately catches the eye’s attention is of course the Pluto/Saturn opposition along the Mc/Ic axis - but we have to make sure not overlooking the involvement of Venus and the Moon. Together they create an aspect pattern called the Kite, where first 3 planets in trine create a so called Grand Trine, to be joined by the 4th adding an opposition to one and two sextiles binding together the others. This isn’t an absolutely rare but also not that common pattern, and generally considered to be of favourable nature. Of course, due to the planets making up the opposition and the event it’s a blue print of, one may feel that’s still up for discussion.

While this chart certainly can tell us something about the war, I don’t want us to get off track there. In this article I am not interested in the war as such, but in what it symbolises and in the question whether the force we see in action is capable of making a breach into the fabric of mankind. Besides, technically speaking it wasn’t a war as war was never declared, which in itself carries an interesting symbolism. We all know what a horrible thing war is, so nothing to talk about, really. So from here on it’s important that you understand, when I talk about it, it’s as a metaphor of greater forces in play.

The Pluto/Saturn opposition was in effect globally for the whole planet, but this event brings it to its most powerful alignment in the chart wheel – the point of foundation and origin at Ic, aiming towards the future or what to become at Mc. While this certainly fits very well in with the Mayan epos, as far as I know it, it fits even better in with something else, the place where this assault takes place.

In my first introducing article I used Baghdad as location for the Winter Solstice chart, for a certain reason I said and this is the reason. This isn’t just Baghdad Iraq, this also is or was once Mesopotamia and what scholars refer to as a Cradle of Civilization. In my opinion, this event taking place here under these circumstances calls for it to be something much more than a local event. This is also why I’d like to state that the event has had a global after-effect possibly breaching the fabric of mankind.

So what is this “fabric of mankind”? Not easy to define really, but I will try. I believe it’s somehow unison with that axis, Ic/Mc attached to Saturn/Pluto, attached to the historic spine of modern man. The foundation of our reality built brick by brick, culture by culture, religion by religion, race by race, since we are able to track it back in time. This is the anchor of Saturn attached to Ic, concealing our knowledge built by experience. But it does also conceal the fear that holds us back, the fear of losing it. In a sense, what we are made of but not just in the sense of flesh and blood.

Pluto certainly symbolizes the cruel and often destructive path mankind at large has walked on, but maybe it has also been the only possible path to get us to where we are today. Maybe we need to face and realize that we aren’t more advanced than this, not yet. If this chart represents what I believe it does, then in my opinion, the Gemini IC burdened by Saturn indicates that as a universal species we still haven’t made it out of the sand pit. But maybe we are on our way. No offence hinted at Gemini’s by the way, you just happen to belong to the early part of the Zodiac.

One may argue that Saturn on Ic would imply that this “entity” is of age, which contradict what I just have said? Well, I don’t say it isn’t a possible interpretation, but I don’t see it that way. Maybe more that we may have reached our full and mature age for this stage. In which case it indicates that we have sort of reached our limit in this makeup and the time has come to transform into something new, as urged by the plutonian force. There is of course an enormous tension here, already since earlier and the war, or assault, is an expression of this. It’s worth mentioning here that the Saturn/Pluto opposition started to form in August 2001, so it had had some time to steam up the pressure.

It’s easy to forget with charts like this as we don’t have a person to attach it to, nevertheless is this in a sense also a birth chart, not for a person but for a collective process. Even if not directly involved in the Kite pattern, the Sun in Pisces, together with Asc, supports this. The last degree in a sign is occasionally referred to as some kind of “twilight zone” and in Pisces it must be the one that rule them all. So the Sun there gives this chart a very transcendental character.

We could in fact sum up much of this chart wheel by stating the obvious that Pluto on Mc calls for a transformation. A breakout from our limitations captured in a self-centred intellect believing we are at the top of the world, while we actually are at the bottom. We have an intellect superior to animals, yes, but how far has it yet taken us on this planet or beyond it? The best we can come up with regarding the origin of our thought is a chemical reaction in our brain. Still we all know by now that our Solar system doesn’t end at the realm of Saturn, so maybe it’s time to stop behaving like it?

Knowledge passed on to an initiate often comes in the form of obscurity, encrypted by time, to protect it from preying and evil eyes. It may not be absolutely clear even to the initiate at the passage, but with time as the decryption key the task may be to understand its depth, its purpose, as he/she evolves on the quest. Can it be something similar with a prophecy? After all, a prophecy is basically a public statement done by an initiate, and as we must assume, with the purpose of giving guidance as well as a warning of what to face ahead.

From that perspective the quotation in the beginning of this text could possibly be rewritten as “If the transformation hasn’t started by November 2002 then a war may begin to reinforce it. If not by April 2003 then it may be unavoidable and cataclysmic etc.”, just as an example. That’s basically how Pluto operates in a personal chart and no reason it won’t do the same here. It creates awareness of a domain that needs to be transformed and if we ignore the call the pressure is going up. In the end if we still refuse to comply we get the wakeup call without mercy and it’s usually a painful one. No doubt the Iraq war was a wakeup call in many ways and its repercussions can be felt up to this day.

The tension in the spine of a kite often plays out through the other two planets, just as they manifest the wings that enable it to catch the wind and fly. We can see this clearly in Venus, who apart from love of course, also represents money and how we value things. The global finance crisis started in 2008 right? No, it started here with the rapid built up of debt on all levels, fictive values created ahead of time by speculative financial instruments, the illusion of prosperity built on something nonexistent to be in the future, the beginning of funny money backed by words and digital figures easy to manipulate. It was all building up in the hidden, until Neptune finally transited over Venus in the end of 2007, beginning 2008 and activated the kite. It then took about 9 months for the bubble to crack, which isn’t strange at all with Saturn sitting at the tail and fearfully holding on to Status Quo.  But at the time of the Lehman crash Pluto had advanced into a square with Mercury and thereafter with the Sun in Pisces and the illusion of a booming economy was brought out in the light.

What followed we all know, but what most may not realize is that the cure applied was the worst possible. It basically meant that everything was put back into Saturn with some Neptune/Pisces magic, instead of letting it really crack to pave the way for a new foundation. Ok, I am not an economist but the chart is pretty clear. It would have been painful, yes, but mostly for them who actively took part in building up this bubble. The problem is though that they are still in power and will continue to protect their interest as long as we let them. So this part of the kite, Saturn, Venus and Pluto is still unsolved today. At some point the magic has to fade which literally means they have to stop printing new money in excess and that will be the day.

What about the Moon then? My first thought was that it could possibly be related to The Arab Spring, due to Iraq being a Muslim country. However, I haven’t found any strong or triggering connections there. Have I possibly missed something? The Moon would represent us, the people, in a chart like this. From a school- or cookbook’s point of view it’s very favourably placed as it sits there in the 7th (8th though if Koch’s used) house. I bet the people of Iraq don’t agree with this interpretation! So maybe this chart, ones and for all, can also kill the myth about Trines, and even more so Grand Trines, being a positive and favourable aspect, in contrast to Squares and Oppositions being negative and unfavourable?

The negative with a trine is basically that the energy is locked up in a status quo without the drive to change the course of its own. The positive is that the energy is locked up in a status quo and it can stay the course without a drive of its own. My view is that all aspects in themselves are value neutral, and it’s more a question of what you can do or not with them, and of course which planets are involved. At the end of the day, what materializes comes down to the choices we make in playing with or against the energies that are at our disposal. In the Moon's case here it seems as if the people are trapped in a nightmare, they can’t get away or wake up from it, and they have to stay the course until the end, whatever that is.

At the same time they are conflicted by Chiron, implying it’s a healing process, which it is but a very difficult one. That’s probably also why it’s so hard to grasp, that there is also a positive side of this war, when looked at from a higher perspective than the one personal tragedy provides. The same positive force that is hard to face when Pluto without mercy changes the direction of our life by removing something we already should have let go of, to open up for next stage in our development. These situations are always without any option to go back to how it was before. We could have avoided that pain but we often won’t, because we don’t understand in time what’s required of us as we aren’t in tune with the planet. And when it becomes clear to us we are already so caught up in our everyday structures and it feels safer or best to stay where we are. If we just close our eyes long enough, it will disappear.

So where does this take us with regards of this “End of the World”?  The Mayans didn’t mean the world in a literal sense, just as when we in astrology is talking about Fire, Earth, Air and Water it doesn’t mean the real worldly thing. Also, the central word here, which many seem to have missed, isn’t World at all but Sun, and again it doesn’t regard our physical Sun that all planets are orbiting. What we, or they, are talking about is consciousness and nothing else. Furthermore, this is not a death epos but a rebirth epos, very much in a similar way as with the Phoenix bird. In fact, it’s my belief this is the Mayan culture analogy to it. So all this media hype and a lot of other spin, mostly online, haven’t really got it and one really needs to query why it is spun the way it is? That’s not for this article but as I stated earlier, while this on the whole is and will be a very positive event, there are also some dark forces at play.

A rebirth has by nature to foregone by a death, and even if just in a symbolic sense or on level of consciousness, it usually comes with painful hardship in one way or the other. It sure can be a frightening or even horrifying experience. Why do you think a child, not cries but screams like it does after its (re?)birth? And continues to do so for quite some time unless it gets constant reassurance that all is fine. It surely has been “touched” by something during its journey here. What do we really know about what the baby has to go through during that 9 months growth and transformation period? Our perspective from here is nothing but a one way street, really.

From there to here, there is no doubt that the Iraq war touched many of us, in so many ways, even if we weren’t directly involved and most of us probably don’t realize how many we are. One way to get more in touch with that, in case you want, is of course to connect your personal birth chart with this one. Another way is to look at some of the facts, which probably appears shocking for most and crushes any notion of this being just a minor limited conflict. There is indeed quite a lot of interesting but unpleasant reading about it on Wikipedia. However, I will just throw in two headlines here that fit the purpose of this article.

Duration: 8 years, 8 month and 3 weeks
Casualties: all in all 1 000 000+ and almost all of them met a violent death.

Indeed, it’s not long time ago the war officially ended, on 18 December 2011, and for the astrology part of the story we take note that transiting Saturn at this time has moved from its Trine position to join the Moon in a conjunction. For the non astrology knowledgeable, it means they are at the same spot. In the same manner the progressive Moon then has moved 120 degrees forward to form a Trine to its own natal position. Oh yes that’s right, it would mean it also conjuncts natal Venus at the same time. I won’t go in to any interpretation of depth about this, just say it sort of forms a nice and natural closure. All well then? No, not quite. It may indicate the completion of one process as such, but it’s not the end or completion of this chart.

A chart like this, just as the event it describes, has of course many levels, many layers and there is no way to make it justice or give full coverage in a limited article like this. As an example, I haven’t at all touched the Yod in this chart, established by Chiron and the asteroid Juno to Saturn. Also, what I say here about this war focuses on the role it supposedly plays in the rebirth drama staged by the Mayans. I don’t say this is the truth, or this is how it is. This is just how I can see it, with help of astrology and my inner vision. You are right in questioning what I say, but you would also be wise in staying with an open mind.

While I won’t go into covering it here, we should be aware of that the Euro was born as a functional currency during the Saturn/Pluto opposition that is the spine of this chart. Clearly we can see it’s still stuck in the heavy end as it tries to deal with the crisis of transformation in a classic Saturnian way e,g. with austerity, but it won’t work. This is not to predict the End of the Euro. However, unless it transforms how it deals with its position in the world it probably will be its destiny. It’s also a clear indication that it plays a vital role in what still is to unfold. They like to say that the worst is over, but it is just that, talk.

Before I draw things to conclusion by showing another chart to set the stage for my 3rd and final article in this series, there is one thing I'd like to return to that was brought up in the first one. I said there “at times like this a lot of energies and ‘beings’ attached to it are pulled out from the dark and they can take any shape that serves their purpose” and one obvious component of this is the enormous amount of souls that was wiped off the surface of Earth by this still in its geographical proportions relatively small war. There is another story to it as well, told by the Moon square to Chiron and also it’s sextile to the Ascendant in Pisces, this in addition to the Pluto/Saturn "spine". A very important part here to understand the nature of this is the missing link between the Moon and Ascendant, because emotionally speaking it’s very much a matter between the latter two, which is modulated by Chiron.

The Ascendant symbolizes a veiled entrance to other dimensions we are able to interact with and it’s also where we enter into our body and consciously possess it, after having entered it subconsciously already about 9 months ago, but through the veil at Ic. This event has left many souls at unease and despair in a dimension of transit between two “worlds” and at the same time is has been a wakeup call, not only to humanity as such but also to old souls that have been dwelling in wait for this moment. However, when you ring a bell, loud and clear, it’s not that just some hear it and others don't, well it’s the best way I can describe it anyhow. Simply put, it has woken up the whole basement, or cellar, of our legacy from the past.

In times like this, and actually very much for the last 25 years or so, the conditions for “channelling” have been extra beneficial and this goes both ways. It means it has been easier to get through and at the same time has it also been harder to resist. The result of this is that channelling may happen that wasn’t really meant to be but at the same time it’s also important to be aware that it’s not necessarily of ill or evil, but some are. As Chiron shows in this chart, there is an enormous need for healing due to what we all have and are going through, in whatever shape with or without a body.  Unfortunately, there are also those who are trying to take advantage of this situation and they are also both with and without body. Many of them without are victims of the Iraq war.

Returning to the issue of channelling, I’m not set to judge others, I just say that you need to use your judgment. Not all are what they say they are or actually it’s a bit more complicated. The problem, as indicated above, is more on the other side and the involved body allowing it to happen usually do so in good faith. I guess it’s not hard to imagine how tempting it must be and hard to resist. Now you probably wonder if I am channelling anyone? Sure, my white cat. Cosmic cat Snezan.
As I said, you need to use your own judgement, and common sense.

It’s probably not a coincidence that it takes the foetus 9 months and some, to fully develop. Likewise, it’s probably not a coincidence that it’s 9 years and some, from the event we know as the Iraq War to what I personally call the entrance to The Age of Aquarius. Not the End of the World as some (dark?) forces like to spin it as. Or as the Mayans have it, the Beginning of the world of the 5th Sun, a new level of consciousness. Just as the 9th house symbolizes things like “a long journey” before reaching the goal in the 10th, “the quest for and acquiring of wisdom” before the knowledge is accessible in the 10th etc.

If we now progress the Iraq War chart, using a Day for a Year secondary progressions, those 9 years and some arriving at the date of 21st of December 2012, what do we get? We end up with Mc, aka the 10th house cusp, exactly where the Sun is and makes its Capricorn ingress, equivalent of the Winter Solstice. At the same time have the Ascendant progressed through Pisces and stands just at the very beginning of Aries, symbolizing a new start, or a new body.

Astrology Chart Wheel - DFY progression Iraq War opening attack, Progressed to the Mayan Calendar End. Click to download as high res pdf file.

Chart Wheel - Iraq war opening attack. Download as high res. pdf file.
Is it all a coincidence? Well it’s up to each and one to agree with themselves about. It’s good to be critical and questioning information that comes to you, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession twisting your mind and being into a state of denial. Unfortunately, the world at a whole has been and still is in a state of denial, which to a large degree is what’s holding back further development for mankind. And I am not talking of smaller and faster microchips here.

We see this strongly emphasised by Saturn in the war chart, trying to hold on to the cradle, standing its stride against Pluto who is ruthlessly heading towards the other end, the other side. Again we have to ask ourselves if it is a coincidence, as when we arrive to that entry point, gate or whatever we choose to call it, Pluto and Saturn are now bounded by a much more cooperative sextile aspect. Together with Jupiter as the anchor, foot or finger, depending on what approach you take, they are now creating that Yod. A Yod is also a kind of Kite, now only with one sextile, instead of two, but I will come back to that in next article when we look closer at the chart that is supposed to take us in to the future.

Update: Unfortunately I caught a flu coming my way, so the 3rd and last article in this series will have to be delayed, probably to the end of January or even beginning of February. Now, it will largely be about the future and that's not going anywhere, so you wont have to wait in vain.

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  • Adrian Davis

    Thanks so much for your work on illuminating the signs of the times, Joakim. It is all very insightful and thought-provoking. The focus on the Middle East is really pertinent, which makes me wonder whether you might one day consider analyzing the astrological data for Iran, especially in relation to it being the birthplace of the Baha'i revelation and the impact that that has had and is having on events both in that region and globally ...!
    Yours gratefully for your good work in raising consciousness ...

  • patrick foord

    Joachim -- thanks for your articles -- and a very good idea to posit that the new Cycle might be better charted using 'The Cradle of Civilisation'. Of course it is the consciousness of Humans that will change - slowly - very slowly -- but it will change - surely it is continually evolving, hopefully for the better. It is said that 'aliens' - better described as 'interdimensional visitors' in my opinion - will be shaping this new evolution -- some say for the best -- others think darker powers are work - The works of Whitely Strieber and Jacques Vallee are important -- and I wonder how much insight could be gained by charting remarkable sightings/encounters and so on - if timing could be reliably found- would we find out if the 'aliens' -- Greys, and so on - are well disposed to us or entirely selfish and ultimately shaping humanity in ways we would rather did not happen? There appears to be at least two different camps of visitors and some of these are aided by discarnate humans in their purposes - so there may be another aspect to this question of 'human evolution' that will become more powerful and forceful as time proceeds following this important Solstice. Love the cat photo!. best wishes. patrick

  • Joyce Stableford
    Joyce Stableford 21st December 2012 at 11:16

    Thank you so much for your enlightening and fascinating emails - wonderfully uplifting and positive. pehaps you would like to check my interpretation of the Mayan prophesies in "Life the Universe and Everything" published a few weeks ago on Amazon.

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