Will the world end in 2012?

There is a lot of talk nowadays about 2012 and an approaching apocalypse that may bring the world to an end. The source is said to be an old prophesy connected with the Mayan calendar.  I’m the first to admit not knowing much about the Calendar and the Mayan culture, except for all the confusing contradictions that can be found online. I have 2 old friends though (whom I unfortunately haven’t seen for too long) Nina Falkenberg and Percival who put me in contact with this back in 1986 around the Harmonic Convergence happening. So I know there is a Mayan “Creation myth” and that their Long Count calendar, spanning 5000+ years, comes to an end on Dec 21st 2012 and that’s more or less it. So I don’t think I have anything of value regarding the Mayan theme to add, more than I can sense “it’s in the air” and that something is about to happen.

I don’t need to connect this with the Mayans though, because I have astrology, in my view another facet of the same cosmic epos. So I know that on Dec 21st 2012 the Winter Solstice will take place and that it coincides with a planetary pattern called Yod, also known by its popular name “God’s finger”.  Without doubt do I also believe the involved planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto fit perfectly into this drama. To me, the “finger” clearly points at the fact that life is cyclical, not linear, and we need to have faith in that when something comes to an end it’s also a beginning of something new. I strongly suspect the same is true for the Mayan calendar and the interpretation of the creation myth behind all this. So if the world comes to an end “as we know it” by December 21st 2012, it can’t be anything but a good thing and I’m really looking forward to it!

However, before we get there I would like to “close down” 2011 with a “thank you” to all supportive Astrocalc users. It has been something of a mixed year with both ups and downs but also progress. No doubt, this is a tough time for many of us with the world more or less on its knees burdened by dept.  One thought that keeps buzzing in my head is “to whom?” and I don’t know if it can be the answer, but some weeks ago I came across an online blog post with the amazing title “Are Aliens Buying Louis Vuitton Handbags? - World Exports $338Bn More Than It Imports”.  Apparently, according to IMF’s Word Economic Outlook data the world exported some $300 Billion more than it imported in 2010, all due to “statistical errors” the same source concludes and by 2014 this sum will increase to about $700 Billion. Statistical error or not, it smells “above the head of humanity” to me, a lot.

Meanwhile life on Earth continues to be tough for most people, as we all proceed into the future of 2012 and eventually we will meet up with that moment when “God’s finger” is pointing towards the planet. It may not always be funny but sure promises to be an interesting time. While there are many fear mongers out there causing unease, I personally believe this period offers great opportunity for spirit, soul and mind to tune with each other in preparation for what may be the next step in humanity’s evolution.  I think, it won’t come without effort, though and maybe we have to give up something on the way to give place for a new beginning.

Anyway, I like to conclude this New Year post by saying a few words about me and Astrocalc. The past year or so my mind has slowly advanced towards some conclusions about the future, not only involving myself but also regarding Astrocalc. It has literally been a process that started already at the Winter Solstice more than a year ago and has since matured to find its final shape.

As it’s somewhat difficult to put the whole of my process into words I will simply stay with the conclusion. I think that now more than ever in modern time astrology can be at service to mankind and that we who “have” it need to share and give of it to those who haven’t got it. That’s why, among other things I decided as a first step to permanently lower the price of all Astrocalc programs with 30-40%, to make it affordable to anyone who really wants to work with astrology using a professional tool.

I have also done some dramatic changes to our upgrade policy and I would recommend you to read about it on the site’s support pages. It’s basically about cleaning up some of the Astrocalc legacy and to bring order in the multiplicity of old updatable programs out there. The new system brings clearly defined rules when it comes to upgrades and who they will be priced. As usual there is seldom a “one fits all” solution that works and makes everyone happy but I think this is as close as one can come.

Furthermore, I am also working on a new edition, not version, which I intend to release as freeware, as in free software. It will be something of a Personal Edition but I don’t know yet if that will be the final name. I don’t like to reveal too many details now as I’m also working on a new website to go with it and details will come out in due time. It should be said though that it will not compete with the other editions in any way. It’s not for astrologers if I say so, but more for exploring oneself through astrology and one’s place in the world. I’m trying to do something different, giving of what I have to give. I hope, once it comes to life, it will appeal to at least some old Astrocalc users wishing to jump onboard contributing to make it a joyride, beyond Dec 21st 2012, in to what perhaps turn out to be The Age of Aquarius?

And with that I would like to wish you a good ending and a prosperous 2012

Yours sincerely,

Joakim Schramm
Astrocalc Software

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  • 2012

    First off I want to say great blog! I had a quick question in which I'd like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your mind prior to writing. I have had difficulty clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out. I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints? Kudos!

    • Joakim

      Thanks for your kind words. As for "how I centre myself and clears my mind" before writing, I'm not sure I do or what to say about it... My writing is much out of inspiration and more something of "connecting with the source" which isn't easily described in words but include things like allowance and trust in what comes to you, even if it doesn't make sense to you, but the challenge is often to make it "understandable". I always write what comes to me first and worry about the beginning later, in fact it's often the last piece of the puzzle to fall in place although it may just be a modification of what's initially written. A bit as in the Zodiac circle, the beginning and the end is connected. My suggestion would be to not see anything as a waste, but as a part of the process and as with an onion you often have to peel off a layer or two to get to the juicy part, or blow the horn to cleanse out some mental dust.

  • ricky jordan

    Wow This is really the great post you have published. As per the astrological signs and predictions are right some where and give the prediction on the basis of movement of stars so we can wait for it to see what happen . As i am not sure.

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