Windows Update is your friend!

I'm not a person that like to be "nobody" but "somebody" that makes a difference, so as its "caretaker" I like Astrocalc Software to be the same. So when I learned that a majority of the problems on internet with spreading of spam as well as viruses, worms etc. comes from the fact that many people neglect to update and secure their computer I decided to do my part by demanding that the latest Windows Service Pack (SP) at time of Astrocalc Software release has to be installed before a Astrocalc program allows to install. This is a policy decision that might be a bit too "Saturnian" for the taste of some, but I think it makes sense for several reasons.


Not surprisingly this is right now the No.1 top issue people has with the new Astrocalc 6.2 release, which basically just confirms what's said above. The remedy is close though and available on every (Windows) computer and is called Windows Update. Microsoft continuously releases so called "hot fixes" to correct functional as well as security problems, now and then they also sum up all this plus a bit more in a so called Service Pack (SP). All this is available from and it's a good practice to keep your computer up to date and you can in fact tell Windows to look after this for you. For Vista SP2 currently is the latest while for XP it's SP3, running anything less is per definition insecure, and it could even be possible to argue that it's irresponsible as well.


Now this is not the only reason why Astrocalc demands you to have the latest SP installed. It also makes sense because the released version has been tested on Windows with the latest updates at the time. Conclusively, we cannot guarantee functionality on earlier, possibly defect, versions of Windows and why should I waste my time on possible (support) problems that may be solved by the Service Pack? That time is much better spent, benefiting all, developing new features and improvements on the software, don't you agree?


So the reason not to support earlier Service Pack versions can be summed up in these points:


1. It has not been tested for it.
2. It may function differently or there might exist a bug that made Astrocalc malfunction or not function at all.
3. by using an old service pack version of Windows you are not only a security risk to your own computer but also to others as many of the "Virus pandemics" online is due to people running old and unsecure versions of Windows, which  support the pandemic to spread.


On the Astrocalc support issue you might say "But I have not had any problem like this to install other software?" and there exists a rather simple answer to that. The latest Service Packs for XP and Vista were released relatively recently so the other software likely think your current SP is the latest, as it cannot know differently. Then there are of course those who practice a more "loose" policy but for the above state reasons Astrocalc Software is not one of these. It may "sell" better or whatever reasons they can have, I don't know. Maybe they just don't care...


So what you need to do is simply to visit Windows Update and bring your computer up to date by downloading and install the latest Service Pack. This may seem inconvenient but it's not only for your but everybody's best.


Joakim Schramm

Astrocalc Software