Shipping & Delivery

Delivery can be done either on CD by regular or registered mail, or by Download. You choose which of the alternatives you want as a part of the Checkout procedure. Downloads are made available in a private part of the Customer area backend to which you need to Log in.

Processing of order and delivery are manual and done as soon as possible, usually the same or next working day. Normally, downloads are made available within an hour or two during the day (Europe time).

Depending on work load, or other circumstances, slight delays are possible . We don't obligate to make contact for such small delays, unless expected to or exceeding 7 days. Normally, our online shop's notification feature will email you as the status of your order changes.

  • When your order is Queued it mean we are awaiting confirmation of the payment.
  • When your order is Processed it mean we have received payment and will move on to dispatch the order.
  • When your order is Completed it mean we have delivered the order, either by mail or made it available for download.

Due to the human factor, it may as well happen you will receive your product before the status change to Completed but it will never change before the product has been delivered.

After the purchase your software is made available for download from your customer account, usually within an hour (it involves a manual procedure) but sometimes it may take longer depending on the time for your order and workload. However, it should never take more then maximum 24hours (extreme case) unless delays are warned about on the Frontpage. Per definition, as the software available for download always is kept current it also becomes your free update.

If you want the update on CD you have to order it separately and pay a nominal fee covering our expenses. We exclusively use high quality Verbatim CD's and each disc is read tested before delivery. Furthermore, we only send them as Value Insured Registered Parcels to assure the rate of lost CD’s stay as close to zero as possible. Fore this we currently charge £4

Should I choose CD or Download? An adequate question and indeed you can have both. While the CD may become outdated relatively soon, what it offer is the simplest way to install both your program and the necessary License in one action, basically without questions. Afterwards you can simply install updates on top of it without questions as well and you always have a ready to go solution at hands. Installing the download without a CD requires you to separately download and install the License as well. The download is prepared for you even if you order the CD and you decide about this as a part of the Ceckout.