Astrocalc 6.3 Change Log

+ Improvement/amendment
* Bug fix - 18 November 2015
+ Horary screen: Orbs can now be edited/changed directly in the value field, the window manually resized as suits and remember position/size.
* Stubbled across and corrected a bug in the Moon Void of Course calculation, alt. 2, dating back to before my time, probably the implementation in 5.x it appears.
* On some Windows versiosn, printing of Ascara screens resulted in an "unable to open clipboard" error. Should now be fixed.
* In some cases switching the Printer colour profile to Black & White resulted in an error that crashed the program. Fixed.
* The in place direct editing of aspect orb values didn't work properly. Fixed.
* Stabilisation - 15 October 2015
+ Started task to remove all old scaling and resising code, making place for a new more flexible system.
+ Added first incarnation of new resizing component, which will allow for various forms of resizing as well as keep track of screen positions between runs.
+ Currently new resizing added to startup Data Entry screen, Colours, Orbs & Aspects screens.
+ Screens with new resizing now start to display in their factory size and can then be resized manualy and will remember size and position between runs.
+ The colours selection tool will now save and remember palette on change.
+ The Huber calculations grid values for crosses and temprament now paint in red when negative.
+ The screen to edit and add new arabic parts got a total rewrite. No limits to how many parts that can be added and any planet or point can now be used as the focal point, not just the Ascendant as earlier. Parts can now be sorted among other things.
+ Edit/change to orb values on the settings screen can now be done direct at value in the table, instead of an extra field outside of the value list.
+ The circular usage flow from wheel to aspects. declinations etc. and back has been broken. Instead all these screens can now be open at the same time and coexists, so if you have a big enough monitor (or 2) you can look at it all at the same time.
* Fixed an issue where the aspects grid crashed when declination aspects were used. - 16 May 2015
+ New colour settings system using editable profiles, letting you set colours for signs, planets, graphs, text etc. from 65000+ colours.
+ New colour selection tool, making it easy to set colours by click and pick behaviour.
+ Planets and sensitive points can be given unique colours, but taking colour from sign is still the default.
+ Different colours for Asc and Mc can be set, unless they take colour from sign (default).
+ The Chart Wheel now has 4 areas that can be given a unique background colour, 5 also counting the screen background or paper (just simulating, not used at print)
+ Backup and Restore function, selectively let you backup and restor charts, texts, settings etc. to a hard drive or removable storage media.
+ Added Whole Sign housesystem (Advanced and Pro editions only).
+ Moved the setting for Flat chart wheels to Data Entry screen making it easy to change between the 2 wheel layouts Astrocalc offers (apart from Huber)
+ Added a fast option to create a new group directly from the data entry screen.
+ Started the proccess to remove the automatic scaling from some screens that not really benefit from being blown up full screen. A legacy from when screens generally where much smaller and resolutions fewer...
* Fixed bug in Aspect orbs, where program crashed if selecting Transits before doing anything else.
* Corrected an installation issue where an incorrectly removal of an older version may prevent the installation of a newer. - 19 March 2015
+ Slight reorganization of the Data Entry screen:
+ Changed the implementation of Calendar to clearly separate what is default for new charts (menu setting) and what is set for the specific loaded chart, which now has a dedicated setting/display on screen.
+ Settings for chart search criteria were moved back to be accessible on the Data Entry screen, rather than from the settings menu, as they are simply handy to have there.
+ The "Keep Country" setting was removed in favour of "Use current Place", which now impacts both New and Now charts. The setting was also moved to the Chart Details frame.
+ Made the Harmonic Tutorial program available to launch from the Harmonics submenu of Routines.
+ Added the Quick Chart to the available Chart import formats.
* Made relocation work again for Returns, Progressions etc.
* Corrected a bug in Harmonic Chart Analysis where the next/previous option got disabled prematurely. - Development & test
* Change of release strategy. Starting with, all uneven build numbers are used for development and test releases only and may be released to customer reporting a problem to assure said problem has been resolved. Only releases with even build numbers will be released to public. - No public release.
+ Made the option screen for Planets and Aspects accessable from the wheel screen.
* Fixed an inconsistence causing details from wrong chart at times show in the corner box when printing a single wheel.
* Fixed an issue where a saved chart when used directly in sub routines under some circumstances not loaded all natal data, even if all crusial data were loaded.
* Fixed an issue where house numbers didn't print correctly in midpoint composite charts.
* When calculating Planetary Hours for a last day of the month chart, wrong month value was displayed although calculation was correct.
* Minor cosmectic tweaks - 2 January 2015
+ Introduced the ability to bisect hoeses e.i. devide them in 2 stages with a centrum marked by a weaker dashed line. Present in the Wheels option but can also be switched On/Off with the F6 key.
+ Introduced the ability to trisect houses e.i. devide them in 3 stages marked by a weaker dotted line. Present in the Wheels option but can also be switched On/Off with the F7 key.
* The caption for a checkbox option had been left hard coded in German (which happened to the language string of most length in measuring available space) instead of set to read from the proper language resource.
* Corrected a situation where the linking word 'for' in some languages (nl, no & se) appered twice in the chart title.
* A fix in for use of house system with the first new charts wasn't 100% implemented.
* If editing data for a saved natal chart and a wheel is displayed without saving the changes, this is now properly reflected in the wheel. To keep consistency this also reset any sub routine chart that has been calculated with the original natal chart as base. - 17 December 2014
+ The Aspect grid on the printed wheel can now also include the sensitive points Vertex, Part Fortune, East Point and Co-Descendant.
+ The Aspects shown inside the wheel and in the aspects grid can now be different.
* Fixed an issue with house systems occurring only for a new chart if it was the very first thing done after starting the program.
* Fix for the situation where when using percentage orb and 2 involved planets/points has a total orb reduction of -1.00 (like -0.5 and 0.5 or -.25 and -0.75) or more (-0.50 and -0.75) which results in either a negative orb or 0 resulting in a division with zero error.
* Fixed an outstanding issue with scaling of the printed wheel e.g. as A5, where all parts didn't scale properly.
* Sorted out an issue with the Moon Nodes where the correct icon and value wasn't always used with the South Node, when it was called for as well.
+ As a positive side effects it's now possible to easily switch back and forth between mean and True node without first deselecting the other.
+ Another positive side effect is that switch between as well as to and from any of the Draconic zodiacs can now be done instantly.
+ Likewise, when changing to any of the Draconic zodiacs and the other type of node is active causing it to switch automatically (like if the node currently is Mean and True Draconic Zodiac is chosen so it switches to True node), the node type will remain if e.g. then selecting Tropical zodiac. - 29 September 2014
* Fixed a problem where some data in the Natal Quick View displayed with wrong values after adding a chart to the Chartlist. - 23 September 2014
* Fixed a problem where Astrocalc wouldn't load on some non-germanic language systems.
* Using dated progressions could cause the wheels house cusps to misbehave in subseeding wheels of the same base chart.
* Fixed a rare case where Lunar Returns could skip 1 month when using the Previous/Next feature.
* Fixed a situation where 1 transit could go missing when more than 1 screen was needed to show transits.
* Minor tweaks - non public development release. - 6 August 2014
+ Removed an old limitation that prevented dated and non-dated progressions to be used independently for different charts.
* When switching to/from Huber mode the house system wasn't updated properly. - 21 April 2014
* Regression bug reintroduced in, when closing a wheel screen by clicking the cross (X) button, then if you display the wheel for another charts, the first chart was instead displayed again. - 18 April 2014
+ The Now and Clock wheels can now be animated as part of a Bi- or Tri-Wheels. You start from the Moving wheel in Manual mode and select the additional wheels from there.
* Fixed an issue where the default place didn't load and the current one was used instead.
* As a consequence of the above the Default Place can now only be set in the Atlas Manager (Place... button).
* Replaced the button 'Make Default', for groups, with a menu option (Settings) as part of a slight GUI remake.
* Replaced the Delete button for Charts with a menu option (in File menu) and a keyboard shortcut (Delete or Del on smaller keyboards).
* Moved the 'Use Default Group' option from Settings menu to become a checkbox on screen besides the New button, which it mainly concerns with.
* Moved the Clock button from Data Entry screen to become a menu item on the Wheel screen (Chart List), so the whole "Clock" operation is now kept in the wheel as it makes sense.
* Some visual tweaks - 2 March 2014
+ Autocompletion was changed to be default for chart search in the name box.
+ Most of the on screen options which earlier were moved into the Settings menu now have keyboard shortcuts using Shift or Ctrl + F1 to F5, to easily set them or not. See each menu item.
* Solved an issue with MC at Polar regions and the 180 deg setting.
* Cleanup of some code
* New Trial version - 5 February 2014
Official release of Astrocalc 6.3
+ A slight redesign and clean-up of the start-up Data Entry form;
+ The chart list of recently used charts, which previously was called on by a right button mouse click, was changed in to a visible list of charts for easy access.
+ A double click in the list will now load the wheel directly.
+ It's also possible to switch between the visible list and a more discrete drop down list by pressing the F6 key. Useful for public places when you don't want people to glare over your shoulder to see what charts you have in th elist.
+ The help box was removed to give place for the chart list, and replaced with a separate on demand help screen that can be called on with the F1 key. It will show help for the last object that been hovered by the mouse pointer.
+ The statusbar now shows brief help items as the mouse pointer hovers an object.
+ The Now and Clock buttons where relocated alongside the Wheel button, as they are related.
+ Some on screen settings were moved in to the the Settings menu.
+ The Atlas Manager button were relocated to and replaced the Place label for fast access.
+ The Natal Quick View panel was expanded to have place for more information and the Data Entry labels for Calendar and Houses was removed to display there instead.
+ Same with the Zodiac label and the Ayanamsa for Sidereal Zodiac is now set on the Chart Design screen.

+ The calculations for DeltaT were updated to make use of the latest research and observations by NASA. This mostly effect historical chart, less for the 20th and 21st century. Still this is an important update were most programs to date actually has it wrong relying on old information.
+ Calculation of DeltaT is no longer optional, hence was the setting removed.

+ The standalone Quick Places drop down list was removed, they are now stored in the drop list portion of the Place field.
+ It's now possible to set explicit for each wheel text in which wheels they will be available, e.g. Natal, Progressions etc.

+ A new implementation of the Atlas for increased stability and speed. The time zone data files were also updated to comply with some governments latest whim. Places where also added to Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia. - 9 August 2013
* Fixed an issue where opening a new Notes file for a chart from the screen Wheel menu failed. - 8 July 2013
+ The chart name is now also shown on the screen image and not only in the screen caption.
+ A major improvement to the aspects grid included on the printed single wheel, highliting:
    # The font size used for the listed planets involved can now be set from the Chart Design screen.
    # The grid adjust itself to the selected font size and inline displayed symbold and values adjust proprtionally to the grid size.
    # The bottom box in the right corner will resize itself propertionally, and even rearrange if needed, to allow the grid to grow.
    # A setting on the Chart Design form now allows for arc seconds in positions to be shown or not in the bottom box.
    # All together this allows for aspects to be shown for all major planets, Asc, Mc, all asteriods including Chiron, Transpluto, Lilith and Black Moon simultainiously.
    # Depending on paper size you may have to reduce the font or/and the wheel circle size (done from Screen wheel) to show all aspects nicely aligned and not overlaping the wheel.
* When a planet was set to not have aspects shown inside the printed wheel, they were still lined up to be shown in the aspects grid. Due to the limited amount of included planets this may yielded an unwanted result.
* In certain areas of the printed wheel, arc minutes (if used) would overlap degrees. - 28 May 2013
* Fixed an issue that could make the chart wheel crash on non English versions of Windows. - 18 May 2013
+ Added a new tool on the Wheel screen to variably adjust circle sizes. Apart from the ASpects circle, The Outer, Zodiac and House circles can now all be resized from their default sizes. It works by changing a multiplyer value from the default of 1 and this replaces the old somewhat defunct system to variably change the aspects cirle. The old size values in the Chart design form have been replaces with a value to increment/decrement in each step.
* The label 'Timed Transits' wasn't translated in non English installations.
* When printing transits, starting with 2nd page only 1 transit was printed in the first column.
* Due to a inbuild data range limit, monthly transits could bring the program to crash if an excesive amount of months were used. This limit still exists but have been raised and should now be enough for about 150 months if all aspects and all planets are selected. - 7 May 2013
+ Now charts can now be used immediately in none natal routines and also updates the Natal Quick View - unless the data is incomplete which generates a warning.
+ Name and address can now optionally be printed in the footer or header of charts and lists, as well as aligned Left, Center or Right. Removed the 'Printed by:' prefix to make better use of the limited space.
+ It's now possible to change font name and size used for Name and Address.
* A Now chart wasn't available in the Multi-Wheel select list to pick as the inner chart.
* When clicking [Back to Natal] while in Now mode restored last Natal from list and exited Now.
* If there was only 1 chart in the list of resent charts, the Multi-Wheels menu wasn't enabled even if a sub chart (Progressions etc.) had been calculated.
* When clearing the list of recent charts left the current chart in list, it now really empties and changes to be in New Chart mode instead.
* Corrected a situation that in some case loaded the wrong chart from the charts list also causing sub charts (e.g. Solar Return) not to show up in the Multi-Wheel select list.
* Updated zone time and DST data for Paraguay, Haiti, Palestine (Gaza Strip and West Bank), Jordan and Morocco to align with latest official announcements. - 6 March 2013
+ Improved the Screen Scaling logic with better detection and default scaling when so called Large screen fonts are used. Scaling can now also be reset to default.
+ Interpretation text is now sticky on the wheel screen, until you manually close it or a new chart is loaded.
+ The controls to Copy, Print or Save an interpretation text were moved to be found beneath the text.
+ It's now possible to print only a part of the interpretation text generated for a chart. If a part of the text is selected when Print is clicked, only that part prints, in contrast to all text if nothing selected. The same applies for Copy of text to the clipboard and saving text to a disc file.
+ Several changes and improvements to the Moving Wheels function, also known as the Now charts. The changes done in were reverted in favour of the following:
    + On the Data Entry screen, 2 buttons 'Restore' and 'Resume' were introduced. The first restores the original time for when Now was clicked last (during same session), the second allow you to resume the last Now chart where you left it, e.g. to display some saved charts. These buttons doesn't work with a Clock chart and may not be available if noting to restore/resume. They will also display the date and time as a tooltip and these 2 functions are now also available as menu items on the Wheel screen.
    + On the Wheel screen, when clicking Alter, if Hold was clicked first to halt intervallic recalculations they no longer start automatically when done. You now have to click Continue to restart the automatic recalculations.
    + On the Wheel screen, when Hold has been clicked (changes to Continue) to halt intervallic recalculations, 2 arrow buttons are enabled beneath allowing for manually stepping the set calculation interval back and forth. This was previously possible from the menu but that option was removed to keep all management functionality at one place as well as to improve the internal utilization structure making it more future proof.
* Changed the way interpretation text is sent to the printer, fixing a potential, but rare case, situation where lines could overprint beyond the right margin.
* Fixed an issue where saving interpretation text to a disc file resulted in formatting code got mixed with the text.
* The caption on button to the right of the Place field was changed from 'Load' to 'Default' to clarify it loads the Default Place. If no default place has been set the button will be disabled.
* Updated the zone time data for Chile and Cuba to reflect DST changes decided by governments. - 5 February 2013
+ Added the option to Hold the Now Wheel immediately when displayed. When this option is selected the timer doesn't start until you click the Continue button on the Wheel.
+ Amended the option to Restore a Now Wheels initial time. If the Alt key is pressed when clicking the Now button the initial Now time of previous session is restored, in contrast to when Ctrl is pressed which resumes where you left the last Now session.
* Some minor tweaks and improvements - 15 January 2013
+ Improved the way text files are handled during upgrades and updates.
+ Dated progressions gave a decimal value for age, changed to display years and days.
+ Added the option to resume the Now chart after use of ordinary charts. To resume press and hold down the Ctrl key while click on the Now button.
* Fixed an issue where header of dated progressions displayed wrong values while calculations were still correct though.
* A warning about a too large value for Directions orb was triggered also when the input field was used by other progressions.
* Updated time zone data with latest changes worldwide and removed an incorrect error message triggered when adding new places. - 11 December 2012
+ Added Retain Country option to prevent the Country field to be reset on new chart.
+ Implemented a new algorithm for spacing, separation and alignment of planets in the wheel, back ported from development version of next major version.
+ Added the option to increase/decrease font size of planets and signs in the wheel with a combination of keyboard and mouse click action.
+ Ctrl + Right mouse button click increases, Ctrl + Shift + Right mouse button decreases Zodiac signs font size.
+ Alt + Right mouse button click increases, Alt + Shift + Right mouse button decreases Planets font size.
* The scaled printout of the wheel got broken in the previous release rewrite of print routines. This function has for now been restored, with the exception of the frame border and margins that always will work on the full page. This function will however be removed in next version as scaled printing is something for the printer driver and not the program.
* Fixed a bug in the Now chart function which didn't end properly from the wheel and instead replaced the first chart selected with itself in memory. No saved data was affected though.
* Some small cosmetic fixes and tweaks improving the user experience. - 14 November 2012
+ Added Graphic Transits functionality, available in Advanced and Professional Editions. Transits can be shown for a year and as either a curve graph or as a bar chart on a time line.
+ Added Graphic Progressions functionality for 'Day for a year' secondary progressions and True Solar Arc directions, available in Advanced and Professional Editions. Progressions can be shown for optional age range with a maximum span of 100 years as either a curve graph or as a bar chart on a time line.
+ Added Natal Quick View to display basic data directly when loading a chart without need to display the wheel. It shows Planets, Houses, Qualities, Elements and Sidereal Time.
+ Added a menu short cut (Ctrl+F8) to the Screen Scaling option, making it easily available also after fatal erratic change.
+ Did some major rewriting of printing routines and implemented settings for true margins measured in millimetres, one set for charts, List and graphs and one set for Text.
* The improved printing should now fix among other things where multi column printing didn't work on some printers and in general scale better to all printers.
* Found and fixed a very old bug where the setting for correction of True Node was ignored and always applied. This issue is probably dating back to the original implementation about 15 years ago or so.
* Rewrote and improved the code for printout of interpretation text. In some rare cases it could print blank pages in between due to spill over from conflicting margins.
* Fixed a problem in the Atlas Manager where loading a place crashed the program.
* Fixed a problem with importing charts causing the program to crash, although charts were correctly imported and available on next launch.
* Fixed a problem in the Trial version that made it impossible to change from the Beginners Edition it starts up in. - 12 June 2012
* Disable Auto Complete for Name field while in Edit/New Chart mode.
* Displaying form with Extra details as Declinations from menu on Data Entry form didn't take into account temporary changes of input values.
+ Added some useful help info about Ayanamsa for Sidereal Zodiac, which is custom changeable, giving example of various Ayanamsa in use.
+ Atlas updated to with data and zone time lookup amended to also handle seconds. Some countries used seconds in the zone time during a period after switching from use of Local Mean Time to Standard Time. Most common during end of 19th Century but e.g. in the Netherlands it was in use up to beginning of WW II. Astrocalc Atlas now correctly handles this instead of returning rounded values to the closest minute. - 5 June 2012
* Fixed an issue with Ephemeris Generator where wrong week day for 1th of January was displayed in years following leap years. The issue only appeared when a start value of 1th of January was entered directly.
* Fixed an issue with Returns, beginning with Mars and outwards, where the Next/Previous function not always worked properly.
* Fixed an issue with Horary Planetary Hours where wrong weekday was shown for certain dates.
* Fixed an issue with Horary Planetary Hours getting the sunrise time wrong, unless a wheel first was calculated and displayed.
+ User Experience: Updated program to use Tahoma as the default system font instead of MS Sans Serif and at the same time removed many instances where the font had a Bold weight.
+ User Experience: Enhanced selection visibility for checkboxes and option buttons, the label gets a bold font when selected, otherwise regular.
+ Improved the function to search for charts, among other things Auto Complete now search across the whole database, if a chart canät be found in the Active Group. - 29 April 2012
+ Added an Auto Complete option to Search Options for charts, which looks up the chart name directly as you type, but wait with loading data until Enter key is pressed. Pressing Esc aborts and restores the current chart name.
* Fixed an issue with Atlas where adding a New place could result in the program becoming unresponsive. - 25 April 2012
+ Improved the Now/Clock function so it's possible to either display the wheel directly (off by default) or not until the button is clicked a 2nd time, allowing for adjustment to the input values. This minor release is done due to a request of the feature by a user. - 22 April 2012
+ By optional setting, the program now remembers window positions between runs. The setting is off by default to keep consistency with previous behaviour.
+ It’s now possible to use the Now function also for Huber charts. However, there is no moving wheel in Huber so it only loads a new chart based on the current time. Due to no moving wheel the Clock function isn’t available.
* Solved an issue with Synastry where some local conditions caused a Runtime Error.
* Cleaned up some formatting where a space linking strings had got lost.
* Fixed 2 runtime errors in the Harmonic Tutorial program. - 4 April 2012
+ Improved layout of the Data Entry form, making a clearer separation between what belongs to Natal vs. other chart routines.
* Fixed an issue with Transits search.
* Fixed the setting to switch off the new function "Show help when mouse hover", which did reset to be active on each start of the program. It has also been changed to now be off by default.
* Various minor tweaks and internal optimising. - 28 Feb 2012
* Introduced in, some values weren't initialized properly due to a behaviour change in a control, causing various minor/major issues across the program. Fixed! - 20 Feb 2012
+ Major improvement of the Data Entry form. The Search & Select has been moved in to and replace the old Name field in Chart Details, and now has all functions of Name, Search and Select at one place.
+ Made editing and saving a chart a distinct action, allowing for several charts to be added without need to do anything else, just save them to the database of charts. Except for the Charts name, all values can still be changed and used in a temporary fashion.
+ Improved the search function so its results will now display in the dropdown list with enough details to distinguish between similar charts.
+ When searching for a Place and more than one is found the list now drops unconditionally displaying detailed result data to select from, if only 1 hit the place is loaded automatically. The option to prevent this has been removed as it didn't make sense.
+ The concept of a Default Group was added to optionally be used from start for New charts.
+ (Behaviour Change) When you click any of the Now/Clock buttons a Wheel is now loaded instantly and the input fields in Chart Details is updated on return from the Wheel.
+ (Behaviour Change) Search parameters on the Synastry form Atlas panel are no longer saved on change, only read to be set when form loads.
+ Added the option "Search World" to the Atlas panel to allow for worldwide searches without the need to blank the Country field first. That option still works though.
+ Moved, yet again, the Huber options switch to what should be its final placement, at least as long as Data Entry has this format.
* Fixed a crash situation in Single Harmonics
* Buttons to control Now and Clock charts on the Wheel was misaligned and didn't show in some cases.
* Fixed Horary Planetary Hours where the planet order (Chaldean) was wrong and probably been since the introduction. Also general improvements to Horary including the function to enter new orbs were done.
* It's now possible (again) to delete the chart automatically loaded on program start, which was saved as the last one used from previous session. - 14 Dec 2011
+ GUI improvements to Chinese Astrology and extended the years table to include 2024/2025
* Opening the Table of Houses module caused am error preventing it from working properly.
* Clicking the Next button on the utility Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset caused am error preventing it from working properly.
* Some non English text files contained text garbage, not effecting functionality but made them unnecessarily large. - 30 Nov 2011
+ Implemented Unicode 3.0 support, mostly in preparation for the future and the addition of new languages as Czech, but also for display and storage of non ANSI characters.
+ On most forms you can now show help by simply hovering with the mouse over an area or control, without the need to actually select it. This feature can be switched On/Off from the Help menu.
+ Improved the Research File Setup form so files can no be given a readable name and are selectable from a list. Changed the header format to use 0/1 instead of Y/N, conversion is automatic.
+ Further improvement to and slight reorganization of Chart Design form. In relation to fixing a Huber print issue, it also got its own space for settings.
+ Updated Atlas to cover latest changes to daylight saving time schedules or time zone data, concerns Samoa, Brazil, Cuba, Newfoundland, Moldava, Belarus and Ukraine.
+ Some further improvements to the Chart Design form.
+ The following forms can now be accessed from the Wheel as well as the Data Entry: Aspect Orbs, Alternate Symbols, Edit Interpretation Text and Fixed Stars
+ Some restructuring and improvement to documentation, as well as various internal optimizations and clean up of code.
* Directly after start, trying to delete the chart reloaded from last run crashed Astrocalc.
* Fixed an issue related to adding a new place and not selecting time zone.
* Fixed an issue with printing of the Huber wheel where the header was wrong and a mix-up of some settings shared by both type of wheels caused the bottom part of the Huber wheel to print blank. Huber now has its own settings in Chart Design as mentioned above.
* Fixed a bug in Research data storage when data was stored as plain numbers.
* On the Chart Design form, changing printer setting for Single wheel aspect circle instead changed it for bi-/tri wheels.
* Fixed several instances where a space was missing between 2 words were at least 1 was variably inserted.
* In a scenario most common with Returns, if you changed the input related to Place/Country and didn't save the changes when asked, the program would later crash when closing the Wheel. - 9 Oct 2011
+ Atlas 2.0: The item United Kingdom in country list was split up in respectively countries as England, Scotland, Wales etc.
+ The setting 'Chart Aspect Ratio' was renamed to 'Roundness of Circle" and at the same time it was moved from being a menu setting to the Chart Design form.
+ Further adjustments to improve the scaling of the wheel, especially or larger and odd resolutions.
+ The Chart Design form is now also available from the Wheel.
+ Updates to the German translation.
+ Several improvements and minor adjustments to the GUI (Graphical User Interface).
* Some parts of documentation were outdated and were fixes.
* Fixed a regression in Synastry module causing it to crash the program. - 30 Sep 2011
+ New Atlas component with a manager to that makes the atlas more useful, among other things:
+ When adding a place now also allows setting time zone (if country has more than one) and ensuring changes survive an update, same for co-ordinate changes of original places.
+ The ability to store up to 10 places for fast access at data entry of charts.
+ The ability to create and use aliases for country names.
+ Current Location function replaced by Default Place, which equals the first of ten slots used for fast access of places.

+ Restored the function to quickly return to Natal mode from none-natal routines, by click of a button.
+ Now Chart: Default Place only used if setting is set.
+ Improved the default wheel circle size for several screen resolutions, including but not limited to odd ones often seen on notebooks.
+ Included all 8 languages available in old version 5 of Astrocalc. Even if some aren't complete or 100% accurate, it makes sense for users not that comfortable with English and should make the program more usable to them.
* Corrected a naming issue where the Equatorial Ascendant wrongly was named East Point.
* Various internal improvements and small external tweaks to improve the user experience. - 27 June 2011
* Fixed an overflow error that could happen when trying to select a chart from an empty group.
* Changes to co-ordinates without changing the Place name didn't trigger the Save Changes dialogue. Fixed.
+ Further amendments and adjustments of time zone data in accordance with latest changes, mainly concerning Russia, Egypt and Samoa. - 6 June 2011
* Starting with this release, the program executable as well as the Setup package is now signed with a digital certificate.
* Fixed a glitch with Atlas and Time zone data to provide known time zone data, according to current rules worldwide. - 29 Sep 2010
+ Improved the way interpretation text files are handled, especially in connection with upgrades and updates, including a menu option to manually verify existing and add orphan files to the configuration.
* Corrected a display issue in Ascara Evolution where planets weren't properly aligned.
* Corrected a display issue in Midpoints Trees where items attached to the tree with the |= symbol wasn't properly coloured. Another issue dating back to the version 5 days finally solved! - 11 Sep 2010
+ Improved the selection and data entry procedure for Derived Composite in the Synastry module.
+ Improved how the Atlas interacts with Chart details.
* Some Non-Natal routines used Equal Houses unless a Natal Wheel was displayed first.
* The options dialog used with Transits and some other places didn't have the support for Windows Styles properly implemented.
* Minor adjustments and improvements. - 20 Aug 2010
* When opening the menu for interpretation in Synastry form the program could crash.
* The usage implementation of purchased interpretation text didn't work properly for Non English text. - 16 JUne 2010
+ Added basic support for Windows Styles.
+ Made the Chart Design settings screen more user friendly.
* Solved an issue with the Atlas which potentially could cause file permission problems on Windows Vista/7

( - - Where never released publically) - 18 March 2010
* Added the possibility to import the Famous chart set from Input menu.
* A Major overhaul of the retaining of files and data when old version is present on Installation. It's now all automatic.
* Improvements in the handling and configuration of interpretation text files. - 28 November 2009
* Fix an index out of sync for some text file subroutines. - 20 Agust 2009
* Fixed a bug in the initialization of Synasty and Midpoints text files
* Fixed an Out of Subscript error in Zodiac Calendar.
* Minor optimizations and tweaks. - 26 July 2009
Initial release