Release Policy - What you need to know about our software

When purchasing any of our software the following policy for releases, upgrades and updates applies.

Version Format and Releases

All software releases are tagged with a full version format of Major.Minor.Revision.Release (e.g. ) where the Major.Minor part is referred to as the release version number. This value usually increases when a new version is released that brings significant changes or improvements. It also plays a vital part in how upgrades are priced. The value for Minor is automatically reset to 0 when Major changes.

The .Revision part is only used in rare cases when a significant change has to be done but we don’t want it to increase the version number and thereby affect the upgrade rules. Still it may be important to mark a distinct difference at this point for reasons that can have to do with installation etc.

The .Release number, sometimes also referred to as Build number, is incremented whenever a new release is done. Apart from a main release where Major or Minor changes, these releases are technically referred to as Maintenance Releases or simply Updates. This number is never reset and may at times increase more than one steps as it’s also used for development releases never made public. This change never affects the Major.Minor part while a change of Major or Minor also increments the Release number.

Upgrade vs. Update

The two words of upgrade and update are often used interchangeably by people across the internet, being a source of confusion for many, so we like to clarify how it is with Astrocalc Software.  While one and the same version released can be both an upgrade and an update, they still mean two very different things here at Astrocalc.

A released version is an upgrade when the Major.Minor value is higher than the one on the version you have. You always pay for an upgrade (except if the new release happens within 3 months from your purchase) but a discounted price according to our upgrade price rules.

A released version is an update when the Major.Minor value is the same as the one on the version you have, but your .Release value is smaller. If it’s the same, then you are updated. Updates are always free of charge by download, or you can order it on a CD for an administrative cost.

An example, if version is released and you have or it would have been an update, while if you have the release would instead have been an upgrade. For upgrade prices, please separate page.

Download vs. CD

After purchase your software will be made available for download from your customer account. This usually happens within an hour but may take longer depending on the time of your order. Your download link will then be updated as new updates are released.

You can also get your software on CD by selecting this option during checkout of your order or order it separately from your account. We exclusively use high quality Verbatim CD's and each disc is read tested before delivery. Furthermore, we only send them as Value Insured Registered Parcels to assure the rate of lost CD’s stay as close to zero as possible.

Should I choose CD or Download? An adequate question and indeed you can have both as the download will always be available to you. While the CD may become outdated relatively soon, what it offers is the simplest way to install and provides a backup in case you need to reinstall without having access to the internet. Afterwards you can simply install updates on top of it and get up to date

Non-standard features

In the earlier days of Astrocalc it was possible to purchase extra features to add on top of the standard configuration the various editions offered. Since several years this is no longer offered, however, we have continued to support the legacy by “silently” include previously purchased features whenever possible, without any extra cost. Starting with next version, the one to follow after 6.2 (version number yet to be decided), this legacy support will change in the following way, and come to an end in the version there after.

We will no longer “silently” include previously purchased extra features during the lifespan of the next version. But, when upgrading to a lager edition which includes one or more of the earlier purchased features, we will offer an extra discount. However, due to the great variety of combinations inherent with this legacy it won’t be feasible to make this happen automatically. Instead we will offer you a discount coupon to use in the shop, but you have to ask for it. Possibly we will try to set up some kind of function that makes it easier. In case you have forgot the old details of your purchase and whether it applies, you can already see this on your account page. Immediately after the Astrocalc program name there will be a “more...” link and when you hover over it with the mouse pointer a small windows box will pop-up specifying your non-standard features.

As a side note, we will continue to support the Huber module as a purchasable non standard feature.

(This document was last revised and updated on 30 Dec 2011)