Astrocalc Remote Support

Astrocalc offers remote support to sort out any problems you may have with installation or running of our software. During a remote support session a support person from Astrocalc will connect to your desk top, over the Internet, and remotely control the keyboard and mouse of your computer as if he/she is sitting beside you.

To accomplish this a special client program needs to be installed on your computer. The support client is signed with the Astrocalc owner’s personal digital certificate to guarantee against tampering and cannot be accessed by other parties to access and run your computer unintended against your will.

How to prepare your computer for an Astrocalc Remote Support session

1. Download the remote support client program

2. Some browsers give you the option to run a program directly online. However, make sure that you save the file on your hard drive and not to run it at this stage.
Make sure that you save the file

3. After saving the file your browser may still offer to run it, if so you can do this now.
After saving the file...
If not, you need to open the folder the files was saved in and run by double click its icon.

4. Write down the 6 digit ID code shown by the program, for later use (note: not the one shown on image below).
Make sure that you save the file

5. Find the yellow Astrocalc tray icon in lower right corner of your screen. You may need to click a small chevron or up-arrow to make it show.
Make sure that you save the file

6. Right click the icon and then left click on the “Install As Service” option.
Make sure that you save the file

7. Make sure the 6 digit ID number shown in the white field is the same as you wrote down earlier, or change it. Then, click OK.
Make sure that you save the file

8. This action will most likely show the “User Account Control” warning dialog and it’s crucial you here click “Yes” to complete the installation of the support program.
Make sure that you save the file

9. Finally, when you are ready send by email the 6 digit code to together with a suitable time that we can connect remotely to the desktop of your computer. It’s crucial that the computer is on and connected to the Internet at the given time.

10. At the arrival at your desk top the support person will open a chat window to announce its presence, and if necessary initiate a dialog regarding the problem to solve, if this hasn’t been clarified earlier by email. Unless told otherwise, you should refrain from using your keyboard and mouse during the support session as would interfere with the actions taken by the support person.

After the support session is done, and unless the problem remains unsorted and/or a follow up session is needed, you can now safely uninstall the support client service. In this case, if further assistance may be needed later you will have to repeat all the steps above (except 1 & 2 if you choose not to delete the downloaded client setup file).

However, you may also choose to leave the support service installed for later use, if need arises. In this case you only have to email your ID code and a problem description, together with a suitable time for us to connect. Leaving the service in place will make use of very little of your computers resources and composes no risk as Astrocalc will never connect to your computer unless first agreed to or otherwise given your explicit permission. The service is protected with a digital signature and encryption and cannot be used by other parties to connect to your computer.