Our policy on upgrades and discounted prices

Upgrade Policy & Prices

Astrocalc has a policy of giving a discount to all old customers upgrading their program, no matter how old it is. As our history goes way back to 1982 this could easily get complicated - especially with our feature rich Astrocalc program available in several editions. To make it feasible as well as rewarding for all, our upgrade system is composed by a set of rules. They are aimed to be both progressive as well as adaptive to the dynamics of our history, in a way that we hope is fair enough for all. While we like to give all upgrading customers a decent discount, we also like to reward customers who support our development by upgrading regularly as a new version is released.

As a returning customer you don’t have to do anything to get your discount, except ask for an account on our web site and provide some information by which we can identify you in our extensive customer database. Once your account is in place, all calculations are automatically done by the website and special prices are set for you. However, this document explains the rules and how they apply, so you can check for yourself that things are done right. Also, as a potentially new customer it may be of interest to know what to expect in the future.

Note thatrules for price calculations explained below apply in the presented order and that all price values below are in British Pounds.

Upgrade within the same version

This only concerns the main Astrocalc program which is available in more than one edition. Likewise it’s only valid for the latest released version. You can upgrade between 2 editions e.g. from Basic to Standard Edition. Your discount will always be 95% of the ordinary price the edition you upgrade from currently is listed at, Basic Edition in this case.

The formula for this could also be expressed as New – (Old * 0.95) = Upgrade price, which for the example above would be Standard – (Basic * 0.95) = Standard Upgrade Price, or in numbers 65 – (35*0.95) = 31.75

Upgrade from the next to Latest version

When a new version is released it replaces the current one and becomes the latest, e.g. 6.0 was replaced by 6.2, and upgrades between these versions usually cost £5. In the case with Astrocalc which has more than one edition, the rule applies the same but also includes the same edition of the two versions, e.g. 6.0 Basic to 6.2 Basic.

Note that you cannot upgrade to a lower/smaller edition, e.g. 6.0 Basic to 6.2 Beginners but you can upgrade to a higher/larger one e.g. 6.0 Basic to 6.2 Advanced. In this case the same rule applies, with the difference that the same amount is discounted from the higher price Advanced Edition costs. So the formula would be Advanced – (Basic – 5) = Advanced Upgrade Price, or 85 – (35 -5) = 55

As yet another version is released, e.g. 6.3, in the case above 6.2 becomes the “next to Latest” version while 6.0 the first Major version 6 to make up Level  1 in the next group of rules presented below.

Upgrade from older versions to the latest one.

As a version gets older than being the “next to Latest” one, the discount rules changes in to a system of 3 levels, where each level correspond to one or more major release versions.   Level 1 is always occupied by the latest major version that doesn’t fit in with the previous rule. Thereafter follows the major version previous to it in Level 2 and finally will Level 3 host all previously released major versions. The discount amount is then calculated as a certain percentage of the ordinary price currently asked for the program you upgrade from. In the case of Astrocalc it also extends to the edition. For a correlation between older and newer edition labels, please see below.  The current percentage values starting with Level 1 are 75%, 50% and 25%

The following are a few examples to demonstrate how it practically works and we will use Astrocalc as it’s the design with editions that makes this complicated.

While version 6.2 is the latest and 6.0 is the next to it (there was no 6.1), Level 1 will consist of major version 5.x. Then as there was no version 4*, Level 2 will consist of version 3.x and the last Level 3  finally will be composed of all major versions before that, including very old Dos versions. So upgrade from any version 5.x will give a 75%, 3.x a 50% and all older versions a 25% discount value of the ordinary price the corresponding edition is priced at today.

 When next version of Astrocalc is released (e.g. 6.3) it will push everything down the chain and make 6.2 the next to latest one, version 6.0 will become the first of major version 6.x (to later be joined by 6.2 etc.)  to occupy Level 1, pushing major version 5.x to Level 2 which finally places all version 3.x releases in Level 3 together with all earlier released versions.

 (During a transitional period while we prepare a new website and due to practical reasons related to it, we will temporary merge Level 3 and Level 2 so all will as a minimum enjoy a 50% discount value on upgrades. This offer will automatically end when the new site goes live.)

If it’s still unclear to you, here are a few examples that may help. As releases prior to 6.0 used other labels to categorise editions we also need the following list that shows how old and new editions correlate to each other. Please note that in reality the correlations are approximate due to changes and development of both programs and editions:

W1 = Beginners, W2 = Basic, W3 = **, W4 = Synastry, W8 = Standard, W11/W19 = **, W21 = Advanced, W25-W30 = Professional.

 An upgrade from Astrocalc 5.5 W4 will fall in Level 1 and the 75% discount value will be taken from Synastry Edition of the current version, 6.2 in this case. Ordinary price of Synastry is £45 and 75% of 45 is £33.75, this amount will then be discounted the ordinary price, no matter what edition you upgrade to, Synastry, Standard, Advanced or Professional. So e.g. for Synastry it will be 45-33.75= £11.25, while for Advanced it will be 85-33.75= £51.25

A Level 2 example: On an upgrade from Astrocalc 3.0 W8 the discount value of 50% will be taken from the Standard Edition of current version. Ordinary price of Standard Edition is £65 and 50% of 65 is £32.50 which will be discounted when upgrading to any of Standard, Advanced or Professional Edition. For Standard it will be exactly £32.50 while for Professional it will be 115-32.50= £82.50

* There was a Swedish version 4, which was 99% identical with 3.5 but was given the version number of 4 due to practical reasons. It counts the same as major version 3.x here.

** These editions don’t exist any longer and fall “in-between” existing ones,  so the base price to calculate a percentage price from is also set somewhere between.

Support of old versions have come to an end
Due to the profound changes in later versions of Windows we can no longer support some of the old versions released, among these are all versions of Astrocalc before version 6.2, in which case the support we guarantee is limited to assistance with upgrades. You can read the full story on our website. Of course, we are as always giving a decent discount to any old customer returning to upgrade their program - no matter how old it is!