Astrocalc 6.5 Free Download

Release: 23 Dec 2019

About this release

Note: If you already have an older version of Astrocalc installed, PLEASE DON’T UNINSTALL it before you install Astrocalc 6.5. If the older version needs to be uninstalled version Astrocalc 6.5 will take care of it.

The version 6.5 release implements a new database format for chart storage as the main change. It also comes with some changes to the startup screen (former Data Entry) opening up to new ways of working with and manage charts. This includes the addition of a dedicated Data Entry screen for new charts, as well as a Chart Manager (CM) for more administrative chart tasks.

With the CM you can now load multiple charts into the work list of charts in one sequential operation. Any chart in the work list can now be of the type new/temporary, mixed with or without saved charts. At end of a session, these temporary charts are purged from the list, unless you save them or select the option “Keep Unsaved”, which retain them for next run. Saved charts in the work list are persistent between sessions.

Several other small improvements were also added, like improved Quick Places and an option to set a timezone offset value for Now charts. This way you can adjust the display time for the chart in case it’s located at another time zone than your computer clock that Now takes its initial values from.

Early release

This is an early release of Astrocalc 6.5 and while it’s been tested okay in-house, you should expect there to be some issues. If you not are okay with this we recommend you to wait with downloading until we remove this language. However, issues reported reported in the Support Forum, and any found in-house, will be addressed with new releases in a timely manner.

In general, though, this release should be fairly stable. As this is now free software, whatever you may come across, we hope that you at least pay back by reporting your issues.


Support is provided in the support forum, explicitly, provided by me as time allows or by contribution from the community. While the support email address still exists, I would appreciate if it isn’t used for regular support needs.

The benefit of handling support in the forums is that it also could be of benefit to other users. Consequently, to get support you have to register and become a member of the community. You are free not to, but then you are on your own, more or less.


I’m sorry to say, but the documentation is incomplete and mostly from 6.3, still. To reflect some of the changes, I have updated some of the help text internally in the program, but not everything. This specially applies for non-English releases. External documentation is still from 6.3 and I will address this one way or the other, as soon as possible.


At this point, only the English edition is 100%. The other language editions released so far have about 20% English text in them. I decided to release them anyway, in hope that some in the user community will step forward and offer to contribute. Otherwise, it will stay this way, unfortunately.

I wish you an enjoyable experience, and if it’s not let’s fix it together.

Joakim Schramm, Astrocalc