The free astrology software Astrocalc welcomes your community help, but first consider this:

I would encourage and appreciate if you first took the time and made the effort to read the article How Astrocalc transformed from commercial to free software. This way you would better understand the spirit behind what I try to accomplish.

How you can support this project:

Translation of user interface and documentation

Astrocalc needs community help with translations. While astrology is an international ‘language’, many prefer to have the software and work in their native language. There are currently 7 different language variations (Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish) besides the base language English. Of these, only English is 100% complete at this time.

Currently I don’t have a convenient user system in place to manage this. There will be one in due time. Meanwhile, simply contact me at and present yourself.

New languages

Are you interested in adding a new language? I’m 100% positive to that. However, be aware there is a lot of text to translate. Although, the aim is that it will become a group effort so don’t be discouraged for that reason. Instead, consider if you are capable to take a lead in this effort.


Despite being a programmer as well as an astrologer, web development has always been a struggle. So if you have skills or experience with WordPress (the new framework the site is built on) your contribution, where needed, is highly appreciated.

Astrocalc is a large program and  my aim is always to make it user-friendly. Even so, with simplicity in mind, you probably are aware of that astrology is a complex ‘thing’. Therefore, the result may not always be optimal. So helping out in the forum when users run into difficulties is always welcome.

Naturally, all above requires that you register on the site and become a member of the Astrocalc community. It’s free, or course. However, it will also add you to the mailing list of essential news, such as new releases. Nothing else, no promotion or advertising.


Lastly, if nothing else a donation is always welcome. If the software, or information on this website, help you to create value in your life, then a donation would strengthen the dynamic balance of that value energy. In addition, the more time I have to spend on other tasks to provide for both Astrocalc and myself, obviously, the less time and energy I will have to make it flourish. It’s as simple as that.