Astrocalc 6.5 Free Download

Release: on 17 March 2020

Note: If an older version of Astrocalc already is installed, PLEASE DON’T UNINSTALL it before you install Astrocalc 6.5. If the older version needs to be uninstalled, Astrocalc 6.5 will take care of it and import all your charts, settings and user data.

About this release

Astrocalc 6.5 implements a new database format for chart storage and a new Atlas with worldwide time zone coverage until 2029 inclusive. It has a new simplified startup screen that allow you to quickly select charts to use and display basic chart data instantly, without the need to load a wheel. Of course, the chart wheel is only a click away.

Things like Data Entry of new charts and editing and management of already saved charts have been moved out of the way to a dedicated Chart Manager (CM). This opens up to new ways of working administratively with charts. The CM also supports selective import of charts from all old versions of Astrocalc, plus some other formats like Quick*Charts.

The new Astrocalc Chart Exchange (ACX) format allows you to export/import version 6.5 charts, so you can easy share charts with other Astrocalc users, or if you have a second PC this function comes handy. You can now also export the Quick*Chart format.

* As Astrocalc doesn’t make use of time zone labels (like CET, EST etc.) used in Chick*Charts, the current export implementation uses GMT as an uniform label together with the correctly adjusted zone time. Depending on how the importing program deals with this, editing of the exported file may be necessary.

With the CM you can load multiple charts into the work list of charts in one sequential batch operation. Any chart in the work list can be of the type new/unsaved, mixed with or without already saved charts. At end of a session these temporary charts are purged from the list, unless you save them or select the option “Keep Unsaved”, which retain them for next run. Saved charts present in the work list are always persistent between sessions.

Apart from browsing after places to load places with geographical coordinates and time zone data, the Atlas Manager also allows you to add your own places and setup timezone data, manage your list of Quick Places that are conveniently available when entering in data for a chart. Moreover, it provides automatic timezone adjustment for movable Now charts when you choose a place (e.g. Quick Place) different to your own zone location. Based on the time zone the program is run in, the Now chart for that place is shown with the correct local time and time zone adjustments. At the same time, your own local time is shown as well making it easy to grasp where you are in sense of time and space.

This on top of everything else that comes packed in this full featured astrology program, now free and available to everyone. Of course, if you find value in my offer, you are welcome to show your support for future development with a donation as running a project like this doesn’t come without costs.


Support is primary provided in the support forum, by me as time allows or by contribution from the community. While the support email address still exists, I would appreciate if it isn’t used for regular support needs.

The benefit of handling support in the forums is that it also could be of benefit to other users. Consequently, to get support you have to register and become a member of the community. You are free not to, but then you are on your own, more or less.


I’m sorry to say, as often is the case with non-commercial software, work with the documentation for Astrocalc is lagging, and mostly of it is currently from 6.3, still. It comes with the price tag so to speak, but I do my best to maintain the internal help documentation of changes. Admittedly, coding is easier and more fun than writing documentation.


At this point, only the English and Swedish editions are 100%. The other language editions released so far have about 20-30% English text in them. I have decided to release them anyway, as there are requests and in hope that some in the user community will step forward and offer to contribute. Otherwise, it will stay this way, unfortunately.

Beta testing

If you would like to take part in beta testing of ongoing development work, having a say on how new and changed features are shaping up? Then please send me an email at together with a few words about your Windows system together with monitor size and screen resolution (as that’s basically the only hardware that may have an impact on how the program works). I will then making the Beta area visible to you, where you can download and communicate directly.

If you happens to be a complete nob with computers, don’t let that stop you. In fact, it’s an excellent quality of a beta tester, even though it’s good if you know also how to find your way around in Windows at a most basic sense.

With that, I wish you an enjoyable experience, and if it’s not let’s fix it together.

Joakim Schramm, Astrocalc