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On the 22nd of January 2015 the ECB is expected to announce QE at its Monetary Policy meeting. The same day, early in the morning, Mercury starts a retrograde journey through the Zodiac. Will this influence their decision, is it an indication that QE isn't such a given as the market expects? Looking at the Sabian symbol for the retrograde degree we have “A man’s secret motives are being publicly unmasked” - are we in for a big surprise?

Find out for yourself

This release is made shortly after the previous one due to the fact we found a none English string, by accident hard coded on one of the screens. But it also includes some other adjustments and features brought forward due to this, like the new  ability to bi- and trisect the houses shown in the wheel. This is a more experimental astrological technique inspiring researching a part of astrology that often is called in question.

Works with 32 & 64-bit Windows 7 & 8, Vista and XPAstrocalc 6.3 for Windows is our easy to use astrology software, suitable for all astrologers - professionals and students alike. Starting at £30 only, it's an affordable choice for anyone who is serious about astrology.

Radix ChartYou can install it in any of the 8 languages available (English, German, Swedish, Norwegian*, Spanish*, Dutch*, French* and Italian*)

If you have a Mac, Astrocalc 6.3 can run in a Virtual Desktop as Parallels, VMware Fusion or Oracle VirtualBox (Free) - we have several users running the program this way, but we urge you to test the trial version before purchasing to ensure it works for you. We wrote a special blog post on moving from Windows to Mac that may help, and if you are thinking of buying one instead of Windows, we strongly recommend you read it before making the move.


Astrocalc 6.3 is perfectly adapted to your astrological needs, and available in 7 different editions: Beginner, Basic, Synastry, Standard, Advanced, Professional and Huber. Covering everything from natal astrology, with support for Huber charts, and major techniques such as Transits, Progressions, Synastry, Harmonics, Midpoints, Returns , all editions have support for several types of interpretation and come with editable text (for natal approx. 40, 000 words). Our World Atlas with time zone correction (also historical dates) is also included, covering approx. 220, 000 places.  Please see Astrocalc 6.3 - Description of Basic Characteristics and Features for detailed information about everything that is included.

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Dear Joakim, You are brilliant. I have just received your e-mail and applied exactly what you said - and it worked INSTANTLY. Many thanks for your time and patience. Your Astrocalc programme i...Read More

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All programs on our website are available as a download after purchase and you can decide during checkout if you want them delivered on CD as well.

You can also take advantage of free maintenance updates (by download) and an upgrade policy offering generously discounted prices. For a detailed explanation of how this works, please see Our Update and Upgrade Policy.

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*) The translation of this language isn't 100% complete yet but we decided to include it anyway, simply to make the program available for people not so comfortable with the English, Swedish or German languages, which currently are at 100%. The current status for Spanish and Norwegian is 90-95%, Dutch, French and Italian about 80-85%