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Astrocalc Released

I am pleased to let you know that Astrocalc has been released.


  • Added a display filter for chart details in grouped drop list of charts, chart list and wheel menu list. Allows for setting what details to show, and also has an anonymous alias for the chart name. Mainly for when the program is used in public space.
  • Added a menu option on the screen wheel to change the place for a Now chart, either from the Atlas Manager or by using Quick Places. Local time for the new place is automatically adjusted.
  • Added 50+ status bar messages giving a short help hint about was a control does when the mouse hover over it.
  • Clicking on Planetary Hours in Horary routine caused an exception crashing the program. Fixed.
  • Fixed a sorting issue in the chart select drop down list. Charts now sort alphabetically in ascending order.
  • Saving transits to disc produced an empty file if more than approx 15 days was entered. Fixed.
  • When saving a chart changing it's group and the new group was the active one, on return to the main screen the search drop list content didn't update to reflect this. Fixed.
  • Various language and help system tweaks.

You can download the installation file from the Download page.

This may be the last update for some time. The reason for this is that my digital certificate will expire at midnight to 16 April and because the situation with COVID-19 has practically killed my main source of income. As a consequence, a renewal of the certificate may not be affordable to me at this time unless I'm able to find extra funding from somewhere. However, development won't stop because of this but if you wonder why I won't release anything without it being digitally signed you can read here what it means to me and to Astrocalc.

Meanwhile, Astrocalc will remain free and I hope you will find pleasure and value in using this latest release.