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Astrocalc Released

Found a small issue in the previous release that effected persistence of Quick Places and the Default Place between updates. This is probably something that would go unnoticed by most, unless there is a problem with uninstalling of an older version e.g. 6.3, which could lead to surfacing of this issue as a program error. Indeed, this is how it was found.

Even if there was a release just yesterday, I decided to push this out at once as a protection against something more severe surfacing from it further on.

You find the download here

Why have you removed the option to progress the wheel in intervals of less than one day/year? ... I used it for rectification of natal charts, and cannot use the Now wheel for that.

(with 6.3 I bring up the Now chart, then hit "done". That takes me back to the main screen, where the Now chart data is displayed. I then replace the time, place, date of that data with the birth data - and hit "wheel". That brings up the natal chart, as a Now chart that can be stepped through in intervals of between 1 second and 86400 seconds/1 day. Thus, I can ascertain that my natal MC was conjunct my natal Moon  9 days 1 minute and 50 seconds after being born.)


Hi tfive, I haven't removed anything of that - what I am aware of. It's possible though some behaviour has changed as I replaced the old charts database with a new modern one, and that required many changes at places where charts "linked in" so to speak. The aim has been to keep exact same functionality as before, and as far as I remember nothing was really changed regarding the behaviour you describe.

However, one thing that has changed since earlier is that when running bi- or tri-wheels with now, it is always the now wheel that moves when stepping. While earlier you could switch between Now and e.g. Natal and that also switched the chart that was "stepped". Not sure if that's the "functionality", which actually was a bug, you are using. However, reading your text again, maybe you simply are using the wrong function - have you tried the "Clock this chart" function available in the Chart list menu of the Wheel Screen?

I cannot find the clock this chart function.

It's there when you display the wheel of a natal chart, it is the natal you want to rectify right? It's not really a full blown rectification tool as it just let you step the natal back and forth, then save it with the new time if you want. Now sure if I am missing something here of what you want to do? The clock is basically same as Now, it just applies it on the current natal chart. It could possibly be developed further to achieve more.

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Yes. I see it now, Joakim ... Thank you.

This function enables me to use the MC as a timer in the rectification process. ... For example, I can ascertain that my natal MC was conjunct my natal Moon 9 days 1 minute and 50 seconds after being born - and I know this would have been around the time when the hospital doctor confirmed that "mother and baby could go home". ... So, that began a period of "losing contact with familiar faces, and making contact with new ones" - which then happened (again) around my 9th birthday, as it was my first term at a new school (where almost all of the children in the class were from outside my local neighbourhood).