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Astrocalc Released

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This new release will hopefully solve the issue with a crash on the Data Entry screen when trying to add a new or save an existing chart. It also aim to solve an issue where the automatic import of chart on upgrade from earlier 6.x versions didn't complete successfully or not at all.

New in this release is also the option to individually select which planets and points, from the Sun to Transneptunians, that will be included in a chart wheel or lists, and whether aspects are shown or not. Please notice that only one of the Nodes (True or Mean) can be used at any time, and that nodes may change automatically when using any of the Draconian zodiacs.

There is also an option to set a time zone offset for Now charts, meant to be used when a location (read time zone) other than the one your computer is set to is used. If you use a place in your own time zone this value should be set to 0, but let's say you live in London and want to make a Now chart for Paris, you would set it to 1 (01:00 formatted) to get correct local time for the place as it's 1 hour ahead of your own time zone. I am looking at making this automatic but I needed it so simply added this fast and simple way.

The Quick Places function has also been improved, and searches of places those location no longer adds the place to the list automatically. Instead you now do this (as well as remove) explicitly in the Atlas Manager.

The Synastry Relationship chart is now called "Davison Chart", after its originator, as this nowadays is the most common and established term used.

Most of changes in this release are otherwise "under the hood" in preparation for future implementation of functions such as batch print jobs and optimizations in use of system resources etc.

You can download the installation file from the Download page.



KNOWN ISSUES (as of 2020/02/01):

  • Import of charts other than Astrocalc format doesn't work, e.g. Quick Charts
  • Adding a group by clicking the "+" button doesn't work in the Chart Manager and New Chart dialog, but works on the main start up screen.
  • Daily and Monthly Transits fail with an Error 13: Type mismatch
  • Search in Help causes an Error 13, if a hit is found.
  • Pluto Return, may get stuck in an endless loop.

Items with crossed out text indicate the issue has been fixed in the development version.

I had no problem before after this new release the program crashes when I try to see transits. Both on win 7 and my new win 10 computer.

Following Kristoffer's above comment, I ran through all the routines in the main menu screen. Everything was ok except :-

Returns … goes into a loop if requesting Pluto Return - but otherwise ok.

Daily Transits - gives "run-time error '13' : Type mismatch" (then crashes/exits program)

Monthly Transits - highlights the NOW data box (then crashes/exits program)

Current/Search/Graphic Transits - all ok.

Thank you guys, I will look into this asap. @Kristoffer Forsberg can I add you to the Beta Testing Group so you can access the beta with fixes once I have one.  In such case, don't forget to subscribe to that forum (when it becomes visible to you) so you get notified.

Ok I have been able to reproduce both Daily and Monthly Transits errors, in fact same issue for both so not sure what you mean @tfive with "highlights the NOW data box"? Is this before you click on the button to Display the transits or after you select the routine in the menu?

If it is after clicking Display it's probably that because there is no error trapping code where the error appears, different systems can respond slightly different in how the error comes to show. I think it's due to the queue of Windows messages (instructions of events to process) that may get processed in a slightly different order. I will see if I can have a fix for this before I leave for a 24-28 hours trip on Sunday afternoon.

EDIT: I have solved this issue, it had to do with transits to house cusps and the new option of individually select which planets that is used in wheels and lists - transit's falls under lists. Will do some basic testing make sure I don't miss anything obvious, before I upload something to test. BTW @tfive the Pluto return is tricky as it can be quite far into the future, or the past, and may require many test calculation to pin point. The problem is that if you set a limit the "hit tests" you may never find it, and if not there is a risk of ending up in a endless loop, due to direct and retograde motions. It's not my code original, so we see if I can come up with something clever. Of course, P-R is uninteresting to most as no one will ever live to experience it, but can be quite interesting with National or historic charts as an example.

I get the when "run-time error '13' : Type mismatch" (then crashes/exits program) after clicking display when I try to see both daily and monthly transits both win 7 and win 10.

I just installed the latest version but still have the same problem.

Guys, I have uploaded a beta version with some fixes as reported here and elsewhere. You can grab it in the beta forum, which I have added both of you to. Kristoffer, I don't know if you use the Swedish or English version so uploaded both. I'm on my way out for a 24 hours road trip, but may have some mobile connection but small possibilities to do anything except to post.

If anyone else want access to this beta with fixes, please leave a note here as email on my mobile doesn't work and I will try to handle it remotely while away and asap.

Kristoffer has reacted to this post.

I just installed the beta and now the transits work!

Yes. … transits are working ok for me too. … Thanks, Joakim.

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