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Astrogeography & Transit Forecaster Released

Already on 16 March Transit Forecaster was released and made available for free to current users of version 6.2, and today the same thing is true with Astrogeography, bringing both programs becoming compatible with the latest version of Astrocalc. Already registered users of these programs can find the download of these new versions in a private forum visible to them only, after login.

If you are a registered user of Astrogeography 6.2 or Transit Forecaster 6.2 and don't have an user account on the site yet, please register one and then send an email to with user name and real name for fast download access. Likewise, if you already have an account but cannot see the private forum for the software, please email to the same address and include your user name and real name.

I have done my best to track all registered users accounts entitled to the downloads, but there is a fair chance I have missed a few.