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Can I retrieve customer data from an old astrocalc?

I have stored on a disk an Astrocw folder that has another named Client. In this last folder there is a folder that says Backup_Astrocalc_Software, another RETAINED and several AA4, AA41 files, etc.
I already have the new version 6.5 installed
Thank you very much for your help

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Hi Celina,

in the "Tools" menu click "Charts Import". Select "Astrocalc Version 5.0-5.6" as Chart File Format, and then click "Load File..." button. Browse to the "CLIENT" folder on your disk and select the AA file you like to import and then "Open".

This will list all charts available in the file. Either select the checkbox for each chart you want to import or "Select all" in case you want all charts. Make sure to select the group you want them imported to and the click "Import" button. Repeat the same procedure with other files you want to import from.

When done, click "Close" to get back to the main screen and your charts should be there to select.

I hope this solved your problem.