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Chart Titles.

Whenever I create a new chart the title in the top left hand corner of the chart always says "Natal chart for ..."

Can I change this so that the title reflects the chart group instead of "Natal"?  Am I missing something?

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Richard,

and please accept my apologies for a very late reply, but have had some family matters pulling my attention elsewhere.

Sorry to say but your request doesn't really make sense, to me at least. The "Natal" part is set automatically to be shown on screen to reflect what "type" of chart it is, Natal, Progressions etc., it's also used when printing a chart.

The chart group name is merely a way to organize your charts and it doesn't really make sense to show the charts group name at that location. Although, I think I have a sense of what you are trying to achieve and I will look at the possibility for more flexibility here in a future version. Maybe in a similar way as you can control to some degree what shown in the work list of recent charts. I could possibly extend that function.