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Happy New Year Joakim,

I seem to remember that previous versions had a Button called clock, a bit like Now but where the user could enter the date and time either forwards or backwards and display a chart. I've just tried to find out when a saturn square will occur in the future and I had to use the transits option to find it'll happen in 2023. Maybe I don't know how to use the Now routine I can't calculate the number of minutes I have to advance the display. Clock would be far more functional with links to databases of reliable ephemerides.
I hope my memory isn't playing tricks on me. I think this would be a very welcome routine to your Astrocalc users.
Best wishes,

Adrian, Clock button, somewhat similar to Now, allowed you to adjust or "rectify" an already present/saved chart in the same way as you control a Now chart. The function is still there but has moved to the "Charts" menu in the Screen Wheel. Next version of Astrocalc, which I hope to release soon, has a vastly improved Now/Clock function, very powerful and very easy to manage. So I will say no more about this now as I will later make an online presentation of the new version.