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This user does not exist

I logon to the forum and look at members, I can see you Joakim, date joined etc but when I click on myself to see my profile I get the message This user does not exist. I didn't know where to post this query so this is the best I can do. Sorry to bombard you with issues but best to get them sorted from the outset.

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Good catch Adrian, we also need a forum for site issues, so I created one 🙂 I have to investigate this but it's probably a glitch between the forum plugin and the main Wordpress framework. It also told me that same but I could see other users in the member list. It may have to do with how your was added to the system, by me or if you registered on your own? Have you done any other profile changes since the start?

I consider this a minor issue and it will have to stand aside until I have got the site up an running on the secure https protocol - but thanks for reporting.

yes joakim, it is a minor issue, but I think that any reporting of issues is of benefit to you.
May I say that I admire the work you've done with the Astrocalc software. I met Colin Miles many years ago and he was very helpful. As you are, well done you, hurrah, hurrah to you Joakim.

my profile was added by me and there have been no changes since I registered, but by all means put this aside for now.

Yes, I was wondering if there's a way to update the profile. I found myself on the list too but apparently I don't exist either, although I am shown as online 😉
I agree with Joakim that there probably are far more important issues to deal with now, and I'd just like to say thank you so much for your sharing of this extremely valuable work.

So, I found how to update my profile.... curiosity led me there. It turns out you do it on Wordpress.

Yes, site is still kinda work in progress. I don't have so much experience with WP, and there will be improvement in due time as I get the hang of it. But to fix https was most urgent of all and that is now done. Well 3am in the morning actually. I guess its' the Full Moon. BTW did anyone notice that it took place almost exctly on Trump's Sun/Moon opposition, in reverse? Yes, I will open an astro forum in due time, but don't hav ethe time to keep after it right now, nor to contribute.