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Transit and GMT

Please, you can return the transits as before, that the astrological house looked and duration in days of each transit
I have had Astrocalc for years and now it is hard for me to change
I also have a hard time making a difference with GMT, because it places it automatically and doesn't allow it to be changed

Hi Celina,

There are no changes in how the transits are displayed, so not sure what you are looking at. The house position is always included as first numeric value next to the planet on the right side, both for the transiting and the transited planet. As for duration, it's also there but only if it lasts for more than 3 days - as it always has been. So can you confirm that you really are running and if possible post a screen shot to clarify?

As for GMT, I'm not sure I understand what you mean, possibly again clarify with a screenshot and hopefully I'll be able to give an educated assessment of it.


I send files so you can see

Uploaded files:
  • Diferencia-horaria.png
  • Tránsitos-1.png
  • Tránsitos-2.png
  • Tránsitos-3.png

OK I see what you mean and will look into it. Meanwhile, you can change the zone manually, either when you add it as New or later by open it in Edit mode. The value of 2 hour is probably assigned automatically by the Atlas, which may not have the latest updates for 2020 and beyond, but you can still adjust this manually before you Add or Save the chart.

I am not sure what causes the crash but will investigate. Also make sure you are running the latest release available on the download page. I cannot see if that's what you have as the screenshot doesn't cover the Natal view, before you select Transits from the menu.