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Tri circle

Hi Joakim, the tri-circle function to be able to see three charts at the same time, for example radix, progressions and directions, does not work well, it only allows you to see 2 charts and not three. Before I could see the three charts. Can you help me?

Thank you

Hi Celina,

I think the Tri-Wheel/Chart function works as designed. I think your problem here is that you try to use two wheels from the same routine group related to the same Natal Radix. In this case Progressions and Directions. This has never worked due to the programs structural design where it only keep in memory one wheel from each routine group, the last used. In the same way you cannot show Radix, Solar- and Lunar Returns for the same Natal at the same time, but you can show Radix, one type of Returns and one type of Progressions at the same time when all wheels that belongs to the same Natal chart. When we do Tri-wheels based on more than one Natal this restriction becomes less of a burden.

The new version I am working on (yes, sorry for the long delay) my aim is to remove this restriction, among other things, although I cannot promise at this stage it will be in the first release.

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