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Windows Version

As I use A Mac with OS X EL Capitan I was thinking of buying a new machine to run Astrocalc 6.5.

Probably a laptop. Is there e preferred version Windows?

Will it run on a Windows Tablet?

If I decide on a conventional Laptop (e.g. an Acer) what is optimal amount RAM?

ALTERNATIVE, which is the best Windows Emulator? CrossOver MAC?????

Any other input will be greatly valued.


Hi Mark,

Astrocalc 6.5 will run on any Desktop version of Windows, starting with XP (although it's officially dead), but I am not sure about a tablet. I don't have any so cannot tell, but wonder if they don't run a special version of Windows with specially crafted "apps" much as on a smart phone, but any laptop would do.

Astrocalc is not RAM or CPU hungry in any way, so a "normally" equipped device would do just fine. As for Emulators, on Windows I run VMware Workstation myself for testing etc. working very well, but how any of them compare to each other on a Mac I don't know from experience. VirtualBox would be a safe choice to begin with I assume as it's free and basically runs from community support. It doesn't mean it has less value than the others, just look at Astrocalc 😉

Dear Joacim,Thanks very much, most helpful.